Taiwan international calling code?

hi. what is taiwan’s int’l calling code (prefix)?


886 (country code) if you’re calling Taiwan from outside.

002 (international access code) if you’re in Taiwan calling overseas.

[quote=“Chris”]001 (international access code) if you’re in Taiwan calling overseas.[/quote]That would be 002, but there are other with different rates, but I’m not sure how they work. 002 is the standard one.

Wow, that was quick! After I posted it, I double-checked, found it was 002, and edited my post!

My wife told me that there is one with 009 which is cheaper but I am not sure how it works.

Technically, because Taiwan doesn’t exist, +886 is defined as “reserved”
China has reserved internal code 6 for Taiwan, so it would be +866 after unification with the motherland :salute:
They also saved 026 for Taipei (it being a major city of the PRC), so that would be +8626

002 is Chung Hwa Telecom.

Last I looked 006 had the cheapest rates.

haha, that is so funny :laughing: … and not so funny :s