Taiwan is an R&D hub (thread)


Too bad
permanently closed.
I really liked it.


Note: Not R&D, but regional services center.

Wonder how this plays out as Taiwan being the international political pawn while the Taiwanese society is largely about having independence, freedom and sovereignty (dare i say, already very much entitled) over their finances and other secondary points. I can only see this as a slow, but sure, death of the taiwan spirit as we know it. Once certain barriers are breached (perhaps cashless is a good definitive line), taiwan will will dead as we know it. Not saying AI is all bad, but the lack of diligence has shown probably this culture will be weakened. I only worry because i doubt taiwans status as a country, given Chinese oppression, likely wont be resolved before this happens. Nail in the coffin type thing…the shit part is it is assumed this is mandatory/innevitable. Frustrating to say the least!

Or maybe we just keep the TSMC/Geography narrative and live in fear until doom evaporates away. Not likely.

Lets get the companies, earn the money but grow some nads and force the world to support taiwan as taiwan, not as Asias abused btch.

Just sayin’. 2 cents n all.

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Chen Hong-chia (長陳鴻) Chief Technology Officer of LINE Taiwan, said Taiwan has the largest R&D engineering team in all of LINE’s overseas markets. It will now take this further into blockchain tech by setting up a R&D team through its blockchain subsidiary, LINE NEXT, he said.

Facebook is one name I haven’t heard set up an R&D center in Taiwan. No more.

First in Asia.

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Seems like all this has stopped since invasion of Ukraine.

Taiwan is too risky now.

You posted this topic AFTER the invasion of Ukraine.

Kickass Taiwanese app developers.


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Tsai said she was grateful that ASML had taken concrete actions to invest at a time when the world is focusing on Taiwan. “I believe this would dispel the over-hyped risk of investing in Taiwan.”

It’s funny the day after Biden said he didn’t think Xi would attack anytime soon is when this happens.



If it is going to be an R&D hub then I’d hope they can hold onto their foreign talent.

Meta R&D hub closes after less than 2 years.


Maybe we can make the goggles?

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Maybe. I just read that investors weren’t happy with Meta investing so much in the Metaverse, so they laid off a bunch of people.

So the closing of its Taiwan office has less to do with geopolitical risks.

Except ASML isn’t an American company. Otherwise, good infographic.