Taiwan is now the 10th most expensive place to send expat employees

It has now topped Korea and Australia. Japan is by far the most expensive.


If you only send them to Taipei City


I enjoyed it while it lasted, long time ago. But I shook my head at the company renting a way too expensive apartment for their expats.

Time to think about a delegation to Japan…


Looks like a bullshit list.


Well numbers to Japan seem correct to me, based our company sending staff there, benefits are the big cost and perk, as wages maybe not as high as you may think.

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Most people call it Taipei for short. And yes, the capital and financial center is where most expats are going to go.

I have difficulty understanding what makes it more expensive than Australia, though. That doesn’t make sense.

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Most of these lists are complete shit

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I’m aware. Thank you. In all my years of living here I would’ve never figured that out without your help.

You missed the reason why I said it this way.


This looks like BS. I purposely chose Taiwan over HK and moved more and more functions here since it was cheaper than other locations like Shanghai.


Well maybe if the company sends expats regularly surely they can afford to just buy properties, make it nice, and pay for transport to and from work, or simply WFH?

Companies paying exorbitant rent for properties that are hardly worth the price isn’t the expat’s fault…

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I think you guys are not understanding this list. It’s the most expensive from an employers POV.



Well those employers can find ways to mitigate those costs… they can actually just buy the property and allow their expats to live there. Then when the company pull out they can sell the property recovering most of their investments. It’s not like real estate prices in Taiwan ever crash…

Ya and usually on lists of shit they would expect in home country.

Not for Kid Castle folks but expats expecting a pool and house in da burbs.

Yes, this is possible. But most staff or managers do not want spend time doing this. Also most companies do not spend money (capital) on a house and use it running the company.

There are many reasons why Taiwan jumped up and HK dropped down.

It’s because the people they send to Taiwan are in tech and biomedical. Naturally, the salaries are high for those positions.

HK bankers are leaving. So naturally the average salary has dropped there.

So it’s somewhat misleading because how expensive a place is to send someone is really dependent on the industries there.

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How can it be more expensive than Australia from employer’s point of view?

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Because it’s a imperfect measure. Part of it is based on average salary. As I’ve mentioned, since what most employers send people in tech and biomedical to Taiwan, they need to pay these people more.

They didn’t account for what kind of industries expats are being sent into.

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Yeah I get it but how. Healthcare? Nope. Rent? Nope. Taxes? Maybe but gold card makes that easier. I’ve turned down positions previously in HK and Shanghai because I knew I could save more here. I also choose to move more functions here because of the relatively low cost labor supply which lowers the cost of running the entire business.

I was judging this more on the benefits than the base salary. Benefits should be based on where you live, salary based on your position. That would make more sense when comparing where to send expats.

The article specifically mentioned housing costs as a driver. Rents have gone up that much? Expat rentals were always expensive so it seems bullshitty. Buying selling property isnt important for expats relocating generally.
TWD also appreciated, that would have an effect.

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I wish I can point to something in the data. But they seem to have only included top 5 so it would just be a guess without seeing where the costs are.

The article seems to indicate it’s due to higher compensation for mid tier employees in Taiwan during the pandemic. But strangely mentioned housing costs? I don’t know many benefits packages that buys houses unless it’s those top CEOs, rent in Taiwan is relatively cheap, especially compared to house prices.