🏀 Taiwan - Jeremy Lin Playing in Taiwan

Local news quoting China press: allegedly, possibly, Linsanity is going to play for Kaohsiung 's Steelers.

Local netizens abuzz with the news.

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That’s a new team, right? Never heard of them.

Should be named Stealers. They stole the name from Pittsburgh.

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Probably related to the massive steel factories in kaohsiung?

Yes. The team is owned by China Steel.

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A business they stole from Pittsburg?

Absolutely. They stole their flannels and her terrible towels too.

Seems it could be more disinformation tactics from China, fans hearts broken, sniff. Jeremy has denied the news.

Sniff, we still have his brother.

The ongoing obsession with this guy is strange, even for Taiwan. Dude had, what, half a great season in the NBA a decade ago?


He had a decent career as a backup point guard, injuries played a big role in his struggles. Making it in the NBA is super tough, especially for someone
with his size, lack of athleticism and, yes, his cultural background.

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Of course! And that was a great story…way back then, briefly. I wouldn’t have even known he was still playing in any country until seeing this thread.

He’s definitely at the end of his career. There is just no adequate successor who can get Chinese basketball fans as excited l guess.

Doesn’t Kaohsiung already have a basketball team with the Aquas? How many bball teams does our backwater need? In the NBA, I think only LA has 2 teams.

There 3 competing Pro Leagues in TW.
T1 League

Each could have a Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung teams.

He’s been a serviceable 6th man for the bulk of his career. Might have been different if he didn’t have to play with a ball dominant Harden at Houston as it didn’t match.

People act like he was terrible because he wasn’t that guy from Linsainty but he’s numbers line up with a legit starting guard at a bottom playoff team to a 6th man most of his career outside of injuries.

That’s nuts. I expect a couple of these leagues to merge over the next few years like the ABA did with the NBA.

There is also ASEAN Basketball League (ABL ) that features many teams around Asia.

They have 2 teams from Taiwan. The Braves and Dreamers

Sure, but that’s exactly my point. Who gets excited and runs news stories about a guy who was “a serviceable 6th man for the bulk of his career” possibly coming to their city?

Ex NBA and MLB players all get a lot of attention when they come to play. I’m not sure why it’s hard for you to wrap your mind around that a small country would get excited to have players come play their 2 favorite sports.

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Thanks for the condescending words and all, but it remains quite true that the hype is way out of proportion for a guy who was a star for a half a season a decade ago and a serviceable backup for other parts of his career, also many years ago. You haven’t changed that truth or brought anything new to the table. “Wrap your head around” that. Enjoy your time in “this small country” that many of us call home.

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