Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


I’m just curious as to how the ppl at the Ministry of the Interior will be interpreting this–> ‘high-level professionals’ in priority fields? :confused: …Pretty sure it will be up to their discretion to refuse any application if they “feel” that said person is not “professional” enough or don’t have 10 or more patents in his/her name or not as fast as Usian Bolt / Michael Phelps! I expect a lot of confusion in the first few mths between officials in the HHR and the MOI on how they interpret the new Rule…there will also be a lot of rejections or them requesting for more paperwork etc…

Would you still need to wait one year on a TARC before getting the new ID? According to the Taipei Times article, this regulation was passed last December but the Catholic priest, Yves Moal, will be getting his ID next week…so that means he didn’t have to wait a year.


Had the meeting with HRO today, first thing citizenship appears to be based on a 183 day residence in any given year from what I have gathered, may be wrong there.

HRO called me this afternoon and they told me to call the financial supervisory office fsc as they need to review my qualifications by an expert. I called FSC and the guy was baffled, he said that would be ministry of education. Tomorrow I will go back to the HRO office in person and sit there while they make the calls as there is a lot of confusion.

To add, they said the people that review the qualifications rarely approve and that this law isn’t the first time they reviewed qualifications, they have been doing it for many years (don’t know what they mean by that since this just started recently), so they don’t hold out much hope of getting in on professional qualifications. Like you said springonion, it seems that they have discretion if they don’t think you are professional enough.


Did you provide the clean record from your home country or from Taiwan or both? How about health check?


Only your home country’s clean record will be required…The HHR will automatically be able to retrieve your Taiwan record from the NPA as all systems are interconnected now…Health check will only be required after a year on the TARC (just before getting the ID)


Local police record I got it myself but they automatically checked that’s right.
Health check is next part.


Yes, you need to be physically present in Taiwan for at least 183 days per year for 5 consecutive years to be eligible for Citizenship.

Yeah, like I said…there will be lots of confusions in all the HHRs islandwide at least for the first few mths…and what has the FSO got to do with approving qualifications…that’s strange :confounded:


Are you guys sure it is even necessary? I mean, they took that away from APRC and I don’t remember even seeing it on the list.

The police certificate from our countries of origin id the biggest PITA.


IM also not sure if neccessary as yes it was taken away from APRC submission requirements.


The home country police certificate (and physical exam) is waived as long as you didn’t leave the country for longer than three months at a time during your five-year qualifying period.



Went back to HRO again, told them fsc said they don’t review qualifications, they said that’s not what the moi told them so they called fsc for me. In the end the HRO is going to write a letter to the fsc regarding what they require and get back to me

The only other obstacles are salary as mine is on the lower end by choice as I was studying Chinese and other university courses as well while here. But they said you can show a $5M NT deposit in the bank and no problem.

Lastly it seemed odd but they said you need to have at least 1 year of schooling in Taiwan to apply. I have taken over one year of Chinese courses intermittently but not consecutively but she said just bring it in and they will see.


I’d be surprised if they give people a chance to do this without specific work experience in the sector in Taiwan but if there is somebody who can push to try and get it you are the man :).

You need 72 hours verified Chinese classes to pass the Chinese language requirement.


That’s the problem though, the government is doing their part but industry isn’t. Taiwan is not known as a place for professionals to live and work due to lack of opportunity in the industry. I had applied to various companies before and got the impression it was either to mafan to figure out how to hire a foreigner or a general lack of interest by managers. Most companies are Taiwan facing and not international and the international ones are happy with hiring Johnny Chen because his English is 差不多

I don’t get the impression Taiwan industry really wants us here. Mind you, getting the papers will allow me to be on a level playing field to apply for these jobs.

One of the categories is banking. How many foreigners are living in Taiwan and working at a bank. Perhaps Citibank but when I went to their office, nary a foreigner was seen, but they may have a few that come for a few years and then go back.


Do you have an APRC?? If yes, then you don’t need to show proof of financial freedom…if no, then the 5M in the bank will do the trick.

Yes, you need verified proof of at least a year of schooling in Taiwan OR a minimum of 200 hours of Chinese Language study in a Govt. approved institution (72 hours if you’re above 65 years of age.)

I have posted the requirements in this thread


Thanks for that. I guess I’m good there too, I took 4 semesters of Mandarin study total at 3 hours a day 5 days a week so I guess I’m over that limit.

I’ll just wait on the HRO and FSC to finish discussions :slight_smile:


They told me that was only for the married people. It is one of my pet peeves.


Yup…that’s true! …I haven’t seen a foreigner (Long term resident or Naturalized Citizen) in any of the banks that I have visited…one of the reasons for that I believe is the language barrier (must be fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese [reading + writing])…the same goes for any govt. jobs like Post office, Police dept, Hospitals etc where mandarin and Taiwanese are essential…as for the normal office jobs (Sales executive, account manager etc), I don’t think they are willing to pay $60k+ to a foreigner where a local “Ah Huang” can do the same (albeit sloppy) job for 30K or less.


Exactly that si what is written.

However, there seems to be some “confusiion” or arumor going around. a friend of mine whose soon to be ex wife is helping him gatehr teh data, told him she read he had to have a college degree -he’s got PHD, so no problem there. But I told him taht was not true as I doubt the thousands of South East Asian brides who have gotten ROC nationality have all college degrees… PLUS it is NOT in the requisites. Proof of minimum Chinese skills, as in a took a class certificate or written test is more than sufficient on that regard.


That is why I always compare to Japan… where you have foreigners -including many Taiwanese, BTW- working in teh service industry, banking, health, etc…


Dr_Milker was referring to the APRC where a Home Country’s CCR is not required anymore if one hasn’t left the country for more than 3 mths…For citizenship, you must show the CCR if you’re single but it is waived if you’re married on a JFRV ARC/APRC.


FWIW, the reply from HR from my visit last week.









Google Translation:

Is a person “has a great matters in our country,” the application for naturalization documents to be enclosed with it.

Distinction relevant supporting documents, to give evidence by the applicant (such as whether there is a medal, a special contribution to the story …)

Also nationality naturalization of foreigners in general, such as the Department of senior professionals in various fields, the

It must be recommended by the central competent authority and attached with the reasons for the recommendation letter,

Invited by the Ministry of Interior and related agencies of social justice who jointly approved, may only Mianfu loss of national origin documents.

But this part of the detailed process of amending the law has not yet passed since, so it can not complete inform you

After the new law announced, I will come back your statements in detail.