Taiwan law about divorce couple finance and child abduction

Hi group, I’m married to Taiwanese wife, I wonder what is the status of shared family finance by the Taiwanese court eyes? for exp, in my country when married with kids, husband and wife finance shared 50\50. I know about the term “egg nest” that local girl act, is it how the court see as well when ending relationship in Taiwan? Secondly, as Taiwan is not in the Hague treaty what are the chances to reunite with my girl in case the mother kidnap my girl to Taiwan and don’t return home?? any recommendations for a good family\divorce lawyer firm that handle international laws and speak English? I just wonder now, not yet in this trouble…thanks, xiexie

dont know a out finance, but if your wife comes here with a child, you have a very low chance of getting her back.


Yeah, this.

And I think about 50/50, I would caution you to assume that everything your wife had before you married, and everything she thinks she owns (diamond ring, house, car) is hers. And everything else is 50/50.

ye I don’t know about the finance separation process by Taiwanese law…I don’t really care about her finance there buttt if she takes 50 from my finance here, surely I would like to reduce damage with her stuff there,if law follow that, pretty sure there are divorce ppl here or ppl knowing them so they may know more accurate…my wife is not tht bad but I believe she follow some idiots friends of her that wanted or did divorce so she gets bad ideas…I told her if the storm come she better get ready for my rain on her…she say few stupid things but she know I will fight her in Any way… now we r ok so just trying to learn situations to Taiwan laws to avoid other issues

lawyers may know more accurate.