Taiwan: Low standards harming education

agreed on all that. except for the foreign education. you can, depending onour passport, go from nothing right through to PhD on Taiwan taxpayer dime. not just free education, but also free living.l money. there are those that complain it’s not enough, but I have no words for those folks. Taiwan is an easy gig for those with no direction.or coming from somewhere awful. and assuming their government hasn’t sabotaged their chances.

Sadly, the flip side of that coin is the UNI system does indeed enjoy collecting flags not so unlike a child collecting doraemon stickers from 711. so if a person comes from such a “desirable” country, they can get the free ride for probably up to 15 20 years as well.

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Last I checked on the MOFA and MOE scholarship pages (about a month ago…) it said it was open to international applicants from countries with diplomatic ties to TW (lol, so, like one country now that Honduras has turned its back on TW? Yet somehow the US, Canada, most of Europe, etc. are all on that list) There was nothing about “current residents of Taiwan are excluded”. I will assume they would be wary of APRC holders though, as one stipulation of the scholarship is that you can’t work, but if you have an APRC, you could legally get a job without immigration knowing. But it doesn’t say you can’t get the scholarship if you’re a TW resident.

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I heard folks have to apply from overseas for the scholarships, not sure if true…I don’t need that kind of degree, I would like a govt funded part time course, after all I have paid lots of taxes.

They don’t tell you how on the website but if you message someone and you’re lucky enough to get a response, there is a way.

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You just made my weekend better with that quote :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. LMFAO


Note: my flag collecting comment. It wasnt a joke :frowning: Taiwan has an easy ride for a decent percentage of the world. they never get credit for it though. Perhaps because it is so obviously shallow, though still not a terrible idea on paper.

Yes, more or less true. technically. their vetting process is normally shit, and you could do it on vacation or through a family member often. know lots that have done this, and continue based on this.

I have serious moral issues with those people as that isnt the intention of the program. but it is easy. the folks doing it to learn chinese and make extra spending cash I liken to peices of shit from the ditch. But I remain polite in public. I blame them more than I blame taiwans normal chabuduo lifestyle. bith are wrong, but clearly it is more wrong for the people legally stealing public funds. Just think it should be well known, people might decide to do it legitimately with effort. I remain hopeful but doubtful haha.