Taiwan Military Recruiting Poster

Spotted this military recruiting poster at a ramen shop in Hualien. It’s the first time I’d seen anything like it in my years here.

My friend said military recruiting posters are common at government offices, but she said this was the first time she’d seen one in a dinky little restaurant, and we both agreed that the images were quite striking: Military choppers over the 101 as plumes of smoke rise up from below, where missiles are being fired and 大白 patrol the streets!

Crazy stuff! I hope we don’t see this come to pass. It is unsettling.



Pretty well done…looks like a movie poster.


Yeah, well done indeed. But definitely not a movie I want to see.

I wonder if this inspires Taiwanese here to join up to fight. Does anyone know about current recruiting trends?

Urban warfare recruiting poster! Pretty sure that must be a world-first.

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Signing up for defending your country,
ending up spraying streets with disinfectant…


i thought they stopped that.

I’d love to take one of these posters as a souvenir. It’s really good.


Make it look like Call of Duty. Brilliant strategy.


Knowing how bitterly the average teenager complains about military service (with good reason, TBH) I just can’t see anybody taking that seriously. The military is neither well-funded, nor well-run; people who might make good soldiers would be turned off by that, and the snowflake generation has precious few of them to begin with.

Those guys in the bottom left hand corner look suspiciously like COVID bleach-sprayers. Is that a hint that people who join up are in fact more likely to be deployed as cheap labour to support The Current Thing?

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Yeah, if they really want recruits, they should offer them the opportunity to study in the program of their choice after completing service. That way kids who did poorly on the entrance exams had another chance to get into their preferred program.


In most countries, the military offers the recuit a genuinely valuable combination of academic and practical skills that will be recognised by potential employers after leaving the service. I get the impression this is not a feature of Taiwan’s military.

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For sure, especially if they studied in the service academies.

That poster needs a lot of professional help. Looks no more appealing than any regular KMT campaign poster. Any practicing graphics designer can make it 200% better, and they’re not that expensive to hire.

Still beats scrubbing the floor with a tooth brush

But why spend the money I can hear boss saying.


Until they realize real bullets are flying and they all run for cover… hey this isn’t like the video game, I don’t respawn

Would you rather do the spraying or be the one being sprayed?