Taiwan News Plumbs New Depths

Taiwan News: Voice of the People, Bridge to the World, plumbed new depths today with a shocking story about Hello Kitty with a mouth.

This follows yesterday’s story about Sponge Bob characters discussing whether or not Taiwan is part of China.

To be fair, this story was all over the TV news too. I, for one, found the Duck-billed Hello Kittipus a definite improvement over the original.

A customer was upset they brought some counterfeit merchandise home. Makes sense, it’s an article about counterfeit merchandise. And I thought it was a little funny.

Who approves these things? Surely someone read this and thought, “Fuck no. We’re not doing a news article about somebody’s internet meme. If you do I’ll fire you and everyone around you.” That’s literally an entire article explaining a joke. I just want to know, why?

Yea, I think the name confuses people and makes people mad when it isn’t news. Taiwan News. Then they throw in some gossip or bullshit that degrades the name and gives it all a sense of bullshit.

The other English news organizations in Taiwan don’t have “news” in the name because they know better, and neither do most news publications. They avoid that word so they can report on all things.

Taipei Times, China Post, others current or defunct, could post the same story mostly without consideration, because they don’t have the world “news” in the name.

Their name is really wrong and doesn’t match the product. Duh, that’s like one of the first things you learn in Mass Communications 101.

Taiwan News is financed by I-mei corporation, so no problem with cash flow. With that kind of financial backing you’d think they could afford to hire some real journalists and editors.

I always notice the superhero knock-offs. A whole lot of people here seem to think Superman, Spider-Man, and Captain America are in the public domain.

I liked the Spongebob story.

And actually, there are worse stories. Yet, I am cool with it. CNA is much worse, both in content and tone. Especially the latter.

Yeah, this is just how they’re trying to maintain some semblance of profitability in this day and age. Fluff sells. It only made sense as a news source when there was a captive population without access to other sources. Even then the local news was limited. It makes sense that it’s time for a renaming though.

Taiwan Lols

I bought a pair of Dadibas sneakers. :grinning:

How about a merger with Taiwan Tatler?

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They do have the attention to fine details like spelling of common English words we’ve come to expect from the TN!

But that would involve a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. In the absence of which, you can only expect a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.


Is that better than Abbibas?

Yes, the result is a personal blog quality of reporting

“enraged”, “go bonkers”, maybe they should change their name to Taiwan Newsitorials

To think I actually had a hand in coming up with that slogan back in the day…smdh.

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strange headline

This is why people shouldn’t swim during ghost month. She must swim better than the ghosts… this time.

Or maybe ghosts don’t like foreigners and tossed her back on shore.

And never swim in your underwear! Unless it’s Victoria’s Secret because you could be a headline in the news. :rofl:

Now sinking to propaganda rag levels

“Chinese car brands, traditionally notorious for their shoddy workmanship and inability to meet Western standards . . .”

For your information:

The automotive industry in China has been the largest in the world measured by automobile unit production since 2008.[ Since 2009, annual production of automobiles in China exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined. (Wikipedia)