Taiwan nuclear power ☢️

Taiwan’s government is committed to phasing out the use of nuclear power by 2025 and replacing it with renewable energy, so that renewable energy will account for 20 percent of the country’s energy mix.

Fossil fuels will continue to account for the other 80 percent.

I can recommend Kurzgesagt videos:

If we ever meet irl, I owe you a beverage(or 2) of your choice. I’ve spent the last couple of days cruising YouTube trying to come up with something my brainiac class can discuss. This is perfect.

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Good thing I am planning on taking an “off the grid” approach when we move to Taiwan.

Nuclear fear is real in taiwan lol. Coal burning being preferred over nuclear is just really backwards


I’ve asked this a lot. I think it has more to do with who built those accidents waiting to happen over the technology. If cutting corners is par for the course in laying down roads, imagine what would have been going on 25 years ago.


Both should be feared. Coal because its killing now, nuclear because the country is as far from diligent as i can think of with too many things.

Ideally, bith are phase out and this rich ass country wih numerous sustainable energy advantages can become a beacon in the world and develop these energy systems so that they are actully very clean, safe, reliable and output is high. Obviously much work to do, and we absolutely SHOULD be doing it. Nuclear can improve too, but a it is now in taiwan it seems like a when, not an if type worry. Too much fuckery and corruption.

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You raise a good point. If even countries like Japan can screw up their nuclear safety precautions then it is certainly inevitable for Taiwan.


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Shhhhhh. The narrative is its better than coal and nothing can ever go wrong with corrupt governments and short sighted societies. We dont want to piss off the naive populace with random news stories of utter stupidity! We must bide our time and pounce with “I told you so” when we are all cancer riden, glowing and necrotic :slight_smile:

Taiwan already has fugged it up. It just wasnt a massive disaster that caused a near meltdown like Japanese soceity suffered. The fact they “fixed leaks” AFTER being exposed says a lot for taiwan. The liklihood of a massive earthquake and tsunami seriously retarding our ability to manage things well with an already corrupt and unknown disposal system seriously lacks in any realistic form of confidence.

There will always be those that say, that cant happen. Like a 15 year old immune to the world in their ego. I would compare this to.perhaps space travel. NASA has been plan B to kill its astronauts before letting fallen rockets fall to.lnd and kill innocent people. The astronauts have signed up for this situation. In China, fuck it. Taiwan is somewhere between these 2 situations, and when it comes to.nuclear plants, i am not ok wih complacency.

But i am one of those crazy people that believes in prevention, protection and spending money (an inanimate object) on due diligence to save organic life unnecessary pain and suffering. So, by proxy, people think I am delusional :frowning:

I hear this on the news too.

Taiwan has enough per capita GDP to literally be in G20 but they act like they have the GDP of Nigeria. What’s up with this? Why is the government of Taiwan so stingy? Or are all politicians stealing money?

You think that kind of money is enough for 7 billion people in the mainland? Check out 蒙藏委員會. How dare you call us stingy! Imo we’re overly generous!!

Not allowed to be respected.

Its business, makes export more enticing.

They arent stingy on many things, only social programs outside of health care.

Yes. they are all stealing money haha. They prefer the term “projects” though.