Taiwan Passport

What does 馬智慧 mean and how do you say it?

Intelligent horse

Pronounced kind of like “ma jer hwey”.

Is there any China town you can visit? If so, go there and look for a fortune teller kind of persons, and ask which is a good name for you. They may choose a best one for you.

Are you still looking for a way to get a Taiwanese passport?

Yes I am still looking for ways to get Taiwanese passport.
Let me get this straight
I first have to find proof of great great great grandparents Taiwan household registration or passport.
Then submit it all to TECO and then obtain a Taiwan passport without household registration. The other way is to get Overseas Chinese status with proof of great great great grandparents household registration or passport and then get all the benefits of that status. Then I can proceed to getting a passport without household registration.
I have some follow up questions
What is the residency requirement for 1 yr?
What are the mandatory military service requirements(I am male)?
Can the rest of my family get this passport through this ( my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, mother, father, brother)?
When can I get household registration when I have a passport without household registration in Taiwan?
Which option to get the passport, the first one or the second one that I had mentioned is the easiest and the fastest

of course, the first one. With the same documents to get an overseas compatriot certificate, you can get a passport directly.

you are forgetting the proof of your lineal blood relationship between him and you. Maybe it can be birth certificates of each person from him to you. Every document should be authenticated by TECO in the area where the document was issued. If you have any document issued from authorities or hospitals in India, it should be authenticated by TECO in India. I’m afraid that they could not authenticate too old documents. They might want marriage certificates of each couples too. You should confirm at TECO what they’d request.

Taiwan passport doesn’t give you a residency automatically. You should be a eligible to get a TARC by some way.
See here

Once you get a TARC, you can apply for a household registration after physically being in Taiwan for a certain period. The shortest is a consecutive 1 year.

If you are younger than conscription age 1 year after you get a household registration, you should do.

if they are lineal descendants of your great great great grandfather and they can prove it, yes.

I only have the birth certificates for me, my brother, dad, mom, grandmother and aunts and uncles as well as cousins. I don’t any other documents. I also have their passports

to be honest, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to get anything in this case since it seems you don’t have the documentation. at a minimum, you need the ROC documents for your ancestor and you will need proof that you are descended from that person, which means you will need a trail of birth certificates from that person to you. without all of this, you have no proof that you have any connection to taiwan. if simply going ‘well my ancestor is taiwanese, just trust me on this please’ was enough then literally everyone would be doing that.

Then can you tell me how to start getting all the documents from India. Please note that India was part of the British Empire one time. Also how to get the documents from Taiwan for my ancestor

is your mother a descendant of the ROC citizen, and she wad born after 1980?
In that case, the first document you need to get is your grandfather’s birth certificate.
If not, you should start from your father’s birth certificate.
Or, if your grandmother whose birth certificate you already have is his descendant and was born after 1980, you may start from your great grandfather.
Then, you should go back to your great grandfather, great great grandfather, and great great great grandfather.

I don’t know about India.
Were your ancestors till your great great grandfather were born in India?
Maybe you may ask to an embassy of India.

As for Taiwan, if you don’t have any documents of your great great great grandfather yet, you need all the documents to prove the lineal blood relationship from you to your great great grandfather, and his birth certificate proving he is a son of your great great great grandfather who was a Taiwanese citizen, before you get his documents from Taiwan.

When was he born, though? It must be more than 100 years ago, right? ROC was already established when he was born?
You should ask to TECO if Japanese or Qing documents are accepted, in the case Taiwan was not governed by ROC at his birth.

I’m also not sure whether all the household documents in that era are kept or not. It might become historical materials, so you might need to check them at a museum or places like that.

Added: maybe the completeness of the household registration system in Taiwan at the era was not like current, so it is also possible that the person wasn’t registered in the system of whatever authority.

who exactly was born here, and around what year?
if it’s someone born in 1850, and you don’t know their name or where they lived, and this person then immigrated to India, and then one of his descendants left for the USA it is a waste of time to try and do this.

census record during the Japanese colonial period seems to be accepted. Maybe.

You can request the census record of your great great great grandfather at any household registration office with proofs of your lineal blood relationship to hin, which should be all authenticated. If he was born during the period and recorded.

For the great great great grandparent to be born on Taiwan under the ROC the posters ancestors would have had to reproduce at an average age of 14 years for five generations. At 15 years per generation you be looking for evidence in the records of Japanese Formosa and at 25 years per generation you’d be talking about the records of the late Qing dynasty. :laughing:

it could be an interesting project to know family history, even if OP cannot get a Taiwanese passport at the end.

If he was a national of British Empire born in Taiwan, there is no chance you can get a Taiwanese passport.

Oh, but you said

My great great great grandparent was born in Taiwan and was a Taiwan citizen.

How did you know this?


You see my family is Indian but I don’t now where my ancestors are from, I wished that they are from Taiwan and maybe I can take a dna test and find some names and then get some records and then get a passport. I feel a strong connection to Taiwan and it’s people. I wish I was Taiwanese and maybe I actually am because my family says that I am just Indian.

I don’t know how the DNA test and some names would work. You should trace back from any existing authenticatable documents from you to an ancestor from Taiwan with a citizenship, to get a passport as a descendant of a Taiwanese.

You can also get a passport by naturalization.

oof then it sounds like you really don’t have any path to get blood right citizenship in taiwan. and since you don’t really know if you have any taiwanese ancestors at all, you might actually not have any (tbh it’s probably very unlikely you do). if you really do feel a connection to taiwan though and want to move there, you still should have paths to do so. you can naturalize later if you still want (although you’ll need to give up your other citizenship).

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Previous statement:
“My great great great grandparent was born in Taiwan and was a Taiwan citizen.”

which one is true?

Do you know Hindi?
If so then
मैं भारतीय मूल का हूं लेकिन मुझे यकीन नहीं है कि मैं वास्तव में ताइवान से हूं। मैं ताइवान का हो सकता हूं लेकिन मैं उम्मीद कर रहा हूं कि मैं ताइवान का हूं। मेरे महान महान महान दादा दादी ताईवान से नहीं हैं और न ही तायवान नागरिक। मैं मान रहा हूं कि वे ताईवान से थे। ऐसा इसलिए है क्योंकि मेरे माता-पिता ने केवल मुझे बताया कि मैं सिर्फ एक भारतीय हूं लेकिन मैं इस पर विश्वास करने से इनकार करता हूं।
If you don’t know Hindi
Then I am of Indian origin but I am not sure that I am actually from Taiwan. I may be Taiwanese but I am hoping that I am Taiwanese. My great great great great grandparents are not from Taiwan nor Taiwan citizens. I am assuming that he was from Taiwan. This is because my parents only told me that I am just an Indian but I refuse to believe it.