Taiwan Pitcher does VERY well in Yankee debut

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Good Man! I wish him all the best!

BaseBall is the ULTIMATE SPORT!

well, second outing not so hot. you can’t blame him, but the L drops the yanks into a tie for dead last in the AL east …

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They showed the game live on the public TV station this morning. He looked really confident. There were people in the stands with the ROC flag. I need to keep an eye out for his next start and then watch the game.

That’s nothing. He got a personal phonecall from Greaseball himself this morning. I’d say his life is now complete.

That’s nothing. He got a personal phonecall from Greaseball himself this morning. I’d say his life is now complete.[/quote]

Obviously, any pitcher who gets away with maintaining a personal relationship with a greaseball has indeed led a fully charmed life. Believe me: that goes unsaid. However, something tells me you as a Scot* may not know a greaseball from a cut slurve.

Greaseball would be who exactly? Abian? Lien? Someone else? :eh:

*–Personally, I like taco slingers from Glasgow, but I maintain my doubt nonetheless.

Glasgow? GLASGOW?

Wang won again this morning, pitched well against Detroit, kept the ball down and got some timely double play grounders. More impressive is he leads that staff in the number of 1-2-3 innings and has not yet allowed a homer…too bad he pitches for the damn Yankees… :raspberry:

When is Wang’s next game?

he’s tenatively slated for next week against Kansas City, that’s one thing, as well as he is pitching, he hasn’t gone against any of the good teams in the AL yet…

nice article on espn about wang …

sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/s … id=2107354

[quote=“xtrain_01”]nice article on espn about wang …

sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/s … id=2107354[/quote] Nice one, thanks for the link. I am looking forward to catching the game. The article says Wang will pitch Friday night against Boston, but on the ESPN website, it doesn’t show Wang scheduled to pitch against Boston until Sunday. Which is it, does anyone know and will it definitely be televised in Taiwan? I still haven’t had a chance to see him pitch and I want to see his poise that everyone is talking about. The last Taiwan pitcher, I saw in the Majors in the USA looked so nervous.

They’ve been showing all of Wang’s games on the public TV station. It’s 13 on my TV. Many times it will be on ESPN or StarSports at the same time. Should be Monday morning.

Looks like he’s out: 15 day DL with an inflamed shoulder. Apparently pretty common among Asian pitchers who aren’t used to being in such heavy rotation.

Story here:
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he had shoulder surgery in 2001 as well - one of my neighbors gives me a daily update :laughing:

Just saw on the Internet that this injury could put him out a lot longer than 15 days. I hope not because I really like getting to watch some sports in English since my SAP is buggered.

sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/w … index.html

Specifically: 3. With the news that Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang could miss the second half of the season, you have to know that Yankees GM Brian Cashman is about to pull out all the stops.

When i saw Yankees fans give Wang a standing ovation…
My heart swelled with pride for this imagined Nation…
what a class act!