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Are we talking about those towers on top of the mountain? That’s got to be one of the worst projects that got built in Taiwan. Every time I look at those mountains from Taipei I see those eyesores. How did it even get approved in the first place? Isn’t Yangmingshan a national park?


Those are the ones!

They lay outside of the mountain’s boundaries.

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That’s cutting it real close. Surely there’s got to be some regulations that prohibit buildings that tall to be built up there.

The regulations would be the zoning law and plan. There aren’t very many ‘height limits’ in Taiwan, but a plan that tells you how much floorspace you can put in, in relation to your plot size.

You can go shorter and fatter or taller and skinnier. Obviously they are going for good views to sell their units.

Judging by the amount of greenspace, they chose the latter.

If you look closely at Google Satellite, then you’ll see that communities like this are quite common, minus the tall buildings because most devs wanted to cheap out on the building, opting for short and fat.

I’d rather buy somewhere else with empty lots on both sides.

這幾天收到一些私訊 #為什麼一定要拆中博高架橋 ?圖下為高雄車站未來完工的模擬圖,而中博高架橋目前位置就在右側大樓(黑色建築)上方!未來連結中山博愛將改為環抱式繞著車站右北上左南下,而中博高架橋預計下月拆除,明年舊站移回中山路口後繼續東側站區建設,新站整體工程預計2025完工!

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I have received some private news these days #Why must the Zhongbo viaduct be demolished? The picture below is a simulation of the future completion of Kaohsiung Station, and the current location of the Zhongbo viaduct is above the building on the right (black building)! In the future, Zhongshan Boai will be connected to the center of the station. The Zhongshan Boai viaduct is expected to be demolished next month. Next year, the old station will be moved back to Zhongshan Intersection to continue the construction of the east side station area. The overall construction of the new station is expected to be completed by 2025!



Zhongtai Group will launch the Wanfu Shopping Centre case in the Taipei City’s Tai Zhongtai Redzoning area, named ′′ NOKE Zhongtai Le.

忠泰集團將在台北市大直重劃區啟動萬坪商場案,命名為「NOKE忠泰樂生活」,土地面積2004坪,建築體為地上七層、地下三層,樓地板面積11,000 坪,商業面積6500 坪。建築設計由旅德建築師林友寒擔綱,以昔日基隆河面來往商船豐盈滿載的貨物為發想,有別於傳統商場的方盒式建築,在立面上形成階梯狀的連續開口,讓戶外綠意延伸到每一層的商場空間,並在建築整體規劃合乎綠建築標準。


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Kaohsiung, 頂誠建設-御丰景 20F

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Kaohsiung, 高永建設-常景錄 28F

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Taipei | Fubon Xinyi Headquarters | 265.55m | 52fl | U/C

Taipei Xinyi District Fubon Xinyi Headquarters 信義計畫區 富邦信義總部 20210109 by William Chung, on Flickr

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Taipei | Taipei Sky Tower | 280m | 46fl | U/C

Taipei Xinyi District Taipei Sky Tower 信義計畫區 Taipei Sky Tower 20210109-3 by William Chung, on Flickr


Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said Sunday that a development plan for Pingtung County, to extend the Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) service there, will also include the establishment of a science park, as part of the efforts to boost the competitiveness of southern Taiwan.

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Kaohsiung | Main Public Library Phase II | 148.2m | 27fl | Completed

fanbart, taiwan city forum

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And the English report of its inauguration…more moulah to south Taiwan, and an industrial cluster at that.

Hsinchu- 新竹

● 基地位置&面積


● 基地規劃


● 計畫經費


● 鄰近運輸設施規劃


● 計畫時程


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In the future, the Xinchu Municipal Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology will introduce information technology industries such as AI (AI), IoT (networking), intelligent communications and other services such as R & D design, soft and hard integration and intelligent

● Base Location & Area

The area located at Kung Road Wu and Lung Yan Estate will be divided into 3 major blocks, comprising 19 hectares of Taiwan Fi Park, 8 hectares of Yi Wen Heights and 9 hectares of China Oil Depot. 36 hectares.

● Base planning

Planning 3 R & D building comprising 2 floors of 12 and 10 floors of 1 grounds, introducing R & D design, information software and services, soft and hard integration and intelligent applications etc. Industry, targeted to create $ 147000 billion output and 20 million jobs. Apart from industrial parks, the top business districts and art and showcase center are also planned.

● Planned funding

The Xinchu Science Park Authority is expected to invest $ 18230 billion.

• Planning of adjacent transport facilities

#Xinchu University Station, Xinchu Light Rail Green Line.

● Schedule

The first R & D building is expected to start construction this year and is expected to be completed in 2024


Zhonghe District, New Taipei city, 36 F


Dali’s first Kaohsiung Dali Miller’s “#冈山乐购站前广场




B區則是五層的大型商場,將於2021年第四季完工,『秀泰生活』將進駐與主導商場,商場的4、5樓為秀泰影城,秀泰生活更將在岡山店打造 #全高雄最大巨幕影廳,規畫了13廳、1,500座席的影城,包含一間高15公尺、挑高5層樓,同時也是高雄首座雷射 #4K超級巨幕影廳。目前秀泰生活已經再和數個大型餐飲品牌洽談合作,但是因為有簽保密協議,所以不能先透漏,但是接觸的餐飲集團有王品集團(旗下有24個餐飲品牌)、饗賓集團(旗下有8個餐飲品牌)、瓦城泰統(旗下有8個餐飲品牌)、豆腐集團(旗下有6個餐飲品牌)。秀泰生活表示預計1樓會有甜點飲料品牌進駐、3樓則是設計成主題餐廳,#全商場的餐飲品預計會占約40%,據傳將有美食集團洽談中,#預計引進80多個品牌。而戶外更打造逾1,700坪的藝術廣場,屆時可以舉辦活動、市集。

#城事說 #台灣城市論壇

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Dali’s first Kaohsiung Dali Miller’s “#冈山乐购站前广场”, which is the first shopping mall for Dali, will be completed this year. The street store in Area A will be opened in April 2021, and the integrated shopping mall in Area B will open in the fourth quarter. The street shop in Area A is currently determined to enter Uniqlo UNIQLO, Tibetan sushi and fitness factory 800 square meters (Okayama new store) and NET apparel flagship store, etc., and Tibetan sushi will be the first roadside store in Kaohsiung.
Zone B is a five-story large shopping mall, which will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2021. “Show Thai Lifestyle” will enter and lead the mall. The 4th and 5th floors of the mall are Showtime Cinemas, and Showtime Life will be in Okayama store. Created #全高雄’s largest giant screen theater, planning a 13 halls, 1,500-seat movie theater, including a 15-meter high, 5-story building, and it is also the first laser #4K super giant screen theater in Kaohsiung. At present, Showtime Life has negotiated cooperation with several large-scale catering brands, but because of the signing of non-disclosure agreements, it is not possible to disclose first, but the catering groups contacted include Wangpin Group (with 24 catering brands under its umbrella), Foodin Group (subsidiary There are 8 catering brands), Wacheng Taitong (with 8 catering brands under its umbrella), Tofu Group (with 6 catering brands under its umbrella). Showtime Life stated that it is expected that dessert and beverage brands will be stationed on the first floor, and the third floor will be designed as a theme restaurant. The food and beverage products of #全market are expected to account for about 40%. It is rumored that there will be talks with food groups. #Expected to introduce more than 80 Brands. Outdoors, an art plaza of more than 1,700 square meters will be built, where events and markets can be held.

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Kaohsiung 浤圃建設-星帝標 21F(完工)


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Tibetan Sushi?