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Nangang District

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Zhongshan District, Taipei


Nangang District, Taipei City


Tainan Anping Guo House



Tainan Rapid Transit System Type




Qigu Science and Industry Zone will increase the actual development of 29 billion yuan in output value and nearly 10,000 job opportunities.

Developed 141.34 hectares of Chigu Technology Industrial Zone within the scope of Taisu’s Sangu Farm, planning to introduce low-pollution, low-energy-consumption green energy industries, Nanke midstream and downstream supporting industries and local characteristic industries. It is expected to formally enter the actual development in the second half of the year, and 127 companies can be introduced. Manufacturers, create 29 billion output value, and increase 9,540 job opportunities.

Stimulated by the continuous return of Taiwanese businessmen to set up factories, Tainan City’s industrial land has fallen short of market demand in recent years. To meet the needs of the return of Taiwanese businessmen and the expansion of industrial sites by local companies, the Tainan City Government chose to develop seven shares within the scope of the Sangu Farm of Taiwan Sugar. The science and technology industrial zone plans to introduce low-pollution, low-energy-consumption green energy industries, Nanke midstream and downstream supporting industries, and local characteristic industries. It is expected to formally enter the actual development in the second half of the year. It can introduce 127 manufacturers, create 29 billion output value, and increase 9,540 Job opportunities.

The total area of the Chigu Technology Industrial Zone is 141.34 hectares. The former Taiwan Sugar Railway will be retained during development and integrated into the park and green space planning to preserve the characteristics of the local industry. After the development is completed, in addition to the establishment of 63.85 hectares of public facilities, 77.49 will be provided. Hectares of land are available for manufacturers to set up factories. It is hoped to serve as a supporting industrial base for the middle and lower reaches of Nanke, and to take into account the development of special industries such as agriculture, fishery and food manufacturing in the Qigu area.

The Tainan City Government stated that the development of the Chigu Technology Industrial Zone will use public works and manufacturers to build factories simultaneously, which can greatly shorten the time for manufacturers to build factories, so that manufacturers can operate as soon as possible and grasp the investment niche. In addition, 10 hectares of industrial land will be reserved at the same time for unregistered factories to enter first to solve the problem of illegal factories.

In addition, the Municipal Economic Development Bureau will also control and assist manufacturers in the administrative review work related to the establishment of factories, provide financing projects and hold briefings, etc., so as to promote the stationed manufacturers to complete the construction and operation of the factory on schedule.

Chen Kailing, Director of Economic Development of the Nanshi Municipal Government, explained that all operations in the development case of the Qigu Science and Industry Zone are being actively processed. It can introduce 127 manufacturers, create 29 billion output value and 9,540 job opportunities, drive the development of the surrounding economy, accelerate the development and activation of the Xibei Industrial Zone, build a complete agricultural production and sales, and promote the transformation of rural areas and the return of population, and the integrated industrial space development of Tainan City Layout, solve the shortage of industrial land in coastal areas, and provide local job opportunities are of great help.



Nanke F and G districts plan to implement the expropriation section to increase 193,600 square meters of residential and commercial land.

The Tainan City Government gave priority to the development of the F and G districts next to Nanke, and through the change of the urban plan last week, it will introduce 15,000 people, and the original agricultural area will be developed using the section expropriation model, which can increase approximately 193,600 square meters of residential and commercial land. , To meet the basic living functions around Nanke.


Kaohsiung, (Yawan District)

Ten billion development track construction in Yawan District to expand housing circle

It will spend 11 billion yuan to build a “5G AIoT Innovation Park” in Asia’s New Bay Area. Together with the light rail construction and the MRT Yellow Line project, housing prices will support strong momentum, and the housing circle will follow the rail network and spread to the hot spots along the route. Station area.

In line with the “Great Southern Project” actively promoted by the central government, it will promote the development of the technology industry in southern Taiwan and help the housing market. It will spend 11 billion yuan to build a “5G AIoT Innovation Park” in the New Bay Area of Asia, plus light rail construction and MRT yellow According to the line plan, under the joint construction of the central and local governments in the Yawan District, housing prices have strong momentum, and the housing purchase circle has also spread to popular stations along the line along the rail network.

South Kaohsiung Yawan District successively established the 5G AIoT International Alliance and 5G Smart City Platform last year. The government is optimistic about the development prospects of the Yawan District and officially announced at the end of February this year that it will invest 11 billion yuan to build the most intelligent 5G AIoT Innovation Park in Taiwan. "In the third quarter, it began to attract investment successively. It plans to start plant construction next year, and it is expected to be completed in 2025.

The 5G AIoT Innovation Park and the Yawan 2.0 government move have good development prospects
The Gaoshi Government has built five major public projects in Yawan District: Light Rail, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung City Library, Kaohsiung Pop Music Center, and Port Travel Center. These five public buildings will be completed and opened this year. With the “2.0” plan, Lido continues to attract domestic and foreign manufacturers.

At the same time, through the construction of light rail and the MRT yellow line project, the C6 station and Y13 station area will be set up in Yawan District, and the new existing buildings next to the popular station area and planned station area will be improved. For example, the light rail station C1 Liangfu built a new housing project in the “Heart Bay LRT” light luxury building next to the district. It has the advantages of light rail, landscape and school district, and its performance in house viewing and dissemination is quite outstanding.

“Xinwan LRT” project manager Su Shaoyu analyzed that the Yawan District is a rare central and local joint investment center, and housing prices have strong momentum to support the market. From the buying perspective, in recent years, the products of Zhongda Pingshu, which are dominated by medium and high-asset customers and have landscape advantages, are the most popular. At present, construction companies in the north have joined the market competition, taking Beike to buy products in the south, and the small and medium-sized Pingshu market. Start heating.

In addition, the Kaohsiung Metropolitan New VIPs, Catholics, and white-collar office workers have a high acceptance of taking MRT and light rail. In the New Bay Area of South Kaohsiung, from Lizai to the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall and Kaohsiung Soft Science Park, take the light rail. Or take the MRT from the C3 and R6 transfer stations to the Sanduo department store business district, which is quite convenient. There are more job opportunities in Yawan District. It is expected that the housing shopping circle will expand to the station areas along the line along with the rail network.

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[Taichung Bank Headquarters | 225m | 38th Floor | Under Construction]
Due to the special construction method of the building structure, the height of the steel frame is about 10 to 12F. It is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2023.




位處高雄最強新特區【鉑愛悦】正博愛路第一排的燙金角地,制霸級3鐵5線交通網絡,體驗競速穿梭城市特權,享受漢神巨蛋、新光三越、環球中心3大百貨的3倍時尚力,見證大道璀璨魅力,堪稱精華地段中的精華!於外是34層巴洛克崗石城堡外觀,於內則禮聘頂尖飯店設計團隊GA DESIGN擘劃公設空間,博愛路上難得一見的歐風建築美學,愛上巴洛克豪情,住進新歐洲風情!

Project Type Pre-sale House VIP Hotline (07)557-2333
Layout planning: 2-3 rooms, planning 23-38 pings
Floor Planning 34F/B6 Architectural Design Lin Dingsan Architects
Public Design GA Design
Location of the base at the intersection of Boai 4th Road and Chonghe Road, Kaohsiung City
Reception Center At the intersection of Boai Road and Mingcheng Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City (No. 250, Boai 2nd Road)

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#捷運萬大線 串聯新北市、台北市多個行政區,共分二期施作,萬大線第一期自中正紀念堂站至土城#金城機廠 ,全長約9.5公里,採地下興建,共9座車站,目前進度55.82%。其中基地面積廣達11.82公頃的金城機廠,位於板橋、中和及土城交界,未來上方將興建8.7萬坪集合住宅及商辦,預估投資金額達到220億,超過新店捷運美河市聯開案的196.4億元,金城機廠基地包含1座機廠及1座地下車站LG08A莒光站,機廠設有儲車廠、管理中心、變電站、污水處理場,具備全萬大線儲車、維修、測試和管理等功能,也是唯一的機廠。


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[Investment amounted to 22 billion yuan, Tucheng Jincheng Machinery Factory Joint Development Project]
#捷运万大线 is connected to multiple administrative districts of New Taipei City and Taipei City. It is divided into two phases. The first phase of the Wanda Line is from Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station to Tucheng# Jincheng Machine Factory. The total length is about 9.5 kilometers. It is constructed underground. , A total of 9 stations, the current progress is 55.82%. Among them, the Jincheng Machinery Factory, with a base area of ​​11.82 hectares, is located at the junction of Banqiao, Zhonghe and Tucheng. In the future, 87,000 square meters of collective housing and commercial offices will be built above the area. The estimated investment amount will reach 22 billion, which exceeds that of Xindian MRT Meihe City. The 19.64 billion yuan in the Liankai case. The Jincheng Machinery Factory base includes a machine factory and an underground station LG08A Juguang Station. The machine factory is equipped with a vehicle storage plant, management center, substation, and sewage treatment plant. , Maintenance, testing and management functions, it is also the only machine factory.
A collective housing and commercial office will also be built above the Jincheng Machine Factory. On the north side of the plan, there are two 11-storey commercial and office buildings and four 28-33-storey residential buildings near Juguang Road; on the south, there are four 30-36 storey buildings near Jincheng Road. The total development scale is about 87,627 square meters, and the estimated investment amount is 22 billion. On the side of Linjuguang Road, there will be a two-level underground Juguang Station, and two entrances and exits and two ventilation shafts will be set up.

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I can see several towers under construction from my place, near the main station, and I notice I barely see any work going on. The crane changes position from day to day so I know there’s something going on but I can see into the buildings and never see any people or anything. Back in Texas there was construction everywhere and it was always bustling night and day. What gives?

Kaohsiung | MRT O13 Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Project


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Kaohsiung | MRT O4 Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Project


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What a collection of buildings to put people to sleep…zzzzz.