Taiwan Railway Site Problems?

After coming to depend on it, the Taiwan Raiway English Page for schedules has been unavailable to me the past few days. Although I sent email, I’m not sure anyone reads English email.

Does anyone else have a problem getting to the train schedules for the lines from railway.gov.tw/e_index.htm

I’m trying to go to Time Tables & Ticket Prices.



Just tried, can’t get to the schedule (‘Could not connect to remote server’).

After almost a week, it’s back.



Once again, the scheduling information seems to be down.


The above seems to be working fine at the moment.

The TRA site OFTEN has problems. Not sure about the English site but this is very true of the Chinese version. Not surprising that TRA can not get their web site to work. They are an antiquated govt. bureaucracy that is SO inept with so many things that it is a joke except to anyone as unfortunate as myself who has to deal with them for work reasons on a regular basis. That said their trains are OK and do usually run on time. Just the other things they can not manage…