Taiwan Receipt Lottery

Anyone know where to find the winning numbers for the July.August Receipt lottery? Or know what the numbers are. They’re not posted on the Min.ofFinance website yet. :cool:

Apparently they’re delayed til this month, probably Oct 25. maybe because of the typhoon


Here is the handy dandy official website for Uniform Invoice Numbers:

Good luck!

Is it really true that foreigners cannot personally claim the prize in case they win?

Do we have to ask our Taiwanese friends to claim the prize for us?

I’m interested to find out the experience of other expats here.

First, you’ll never win the grand prize.
noone ever does.
Second, you usually won’t win more than $200 and if you’re lucky, $1000, which you can claim at most local banks. Bring your ARC or passport. There’s tax on prizes over a certain amount. A friend won $10k once, but had to pay 20%.
I collected these for almost ten years, a mass of receipts in a drawer, then, arranging them carefully in order by last digit, then, just unfolding them and clipping them together. Now, I just leave them at the counter of 7-11, etc. Can’t be bothered anymore…i’m just not lucky.

I won 2800 once. but you have to wait two weeks after the drawing, and then take it to the bank. that’s right, you do need a passport or arc.

unless you win the 200 prize, which you can just use as a gift certificate at 7-11

How long can you keep the receipts for? ie is there an expiry date? I have about a years worth that I haven’t bothered to check yet, plus they’re all mixed together…:<Are most of these now useless 'cause I’ve had them too long?

Yes foreigners can submit receipts and get money. I have been keeping receipts for 5 years and I win quite often (The most was $1800). I have won $1000 a few times and loads of $200. They do expire you can clain the current two month period and the previous period but no further back. I don’t now about the two week waiting period I have never encountered that.


Yep. The tax office is saying the 25th on its website – but only in Chinese.

Can someone please report the latest VAT lotto numbers for January and February… Thanks - can’t get on that site :shock:

They’ll probably be in tomorrow’s paper. Aren’t they drawn on the 25th or 26th of the month following the prior two.

dot.gov.tw is printed on the back of every receipt… :unamused:

Try here http://udn.com/lotto/selec06.shtml

For Jan./Feb. and before,


Not sure about this, but isn’t there a six month time limit? i.e. even if you’ve won something from Jan. or Feb., maybe you can’t claim it anyomre.

The time limit for each draw is also on the back of the receipts, and it is roughly a 3 month time limit from the date the numbers are drawn and published.

So how do you go about picking up your winnings ?

As I understand it, if you only win $200, then you can trade it for goods in 7-11 etc. If you win more I think you’ve got to go to the bank (I think Taipei Bank and Taiwan Bank). If you go to the bank I think you’ve got to take your ID.

I’ve never heard of trading in a winning lottery receipt for goods at a 7-11. I’ve won 200 NT several times, and I have always cashed in the receipts at a bank. And it can be any bank.

You have to fill in a “Taiwan ID number” (shen1 fen4 zheng4 zi4 hao4) on the back of the receipt. Until about a year ago, foreigners in Taiwan didn’t have an ID number, so I filled in my wife’s ID number and took her ID card to prove it. (She didn’t have to go in person.)

But since about a year ago, foreigners who have an ARC card can get an ID number from the Foreign Affairs Police and they write it on the back of your ARC card. But the format is slightly different than for Taiwanese people. For Taiwanese people, the ID number is one letter followed by 9 numbers, but for foreigners, the format is two letters followed by 8 numbers.

I haven’t won any lottery receipts since I got my new ID number, so I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think the banks will probably let foreigners use their ID numbers to cash in lottery receipts because for everything else that has required a Taiwan ID number (e.g. going to hospitals, opening up a new bank account, applying for a new phone line, setting up accounts with the power company, the water company, and the cable TV company, etc.), I have had no problems at all using the ID number that the Foreign Affairs Police gave me whenever anyone asks for my “shen1 fen4 zheng4 zi4 hao4”.