Taiwan release date for the Wii?

Has anyone heard a confirmed release date for the Wii? I have heard April then I heard July. I don’t want to purchase an imported one because of the cost. I am willing to wait as long as that wait isn’t until 2008.

I haven’t heard of one yet. There is a still a shortage in the US (I know because I’ve tried getting them), I don’t think it would be wise to open a new market when they can’t supply existing ones.
Japanese ones aren’t so hard to find though.

How much are Japanese Wii’s selling for? I live in Taichung, and haven’t seen one around. Are they a different region than Taiwan?

They should be the same region across Asia, but don’t hold me to that. Most of the grey market ones sold here are sold with a mod chip to allow it to play all region games, as well as pirated games. The going price is between $9,000-$12,000NT for a grey market Wii. Check it out here:
tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/a … s=-numbids

… the shop I get my ps2 stuff from has Wiis… I thought they were already released?

The ones you’re seeing are likely grey market Japanese versions.
It’s not impossible to get English ones, but they’re more expensive.

The Wii for Taiwan is currently being chipped by a local telecom company so that you can go online with it. Expected release date is in Q2, 2007. But I heard South Korea won’t see it before Q4, 2007.

Although supply has been tight this is expected to improve as more assembly companies will be contracted to take care of it in Q2. The best selling console of Xmas 2006 was actually Xbox 360, as they got stock to ship. I would expect Xmas 2007 to be the real Wii Xmas.

You can easily get a greymarket Japanese version, but it won’t let you go online, it’s about twice the price of the planned Taiwanese version, and if you don’t know Japanese… it’s pretty troublesome to go through the menus.

You can also buy Japanese games in Taiwan for about NT1700, which is quite pricey. Especially considering that a mod-chip is about NT1500.

Does anyone know if the mod chip can be (or is safe) installed at home? I’m not in Taiwan anymore and I wish I could mod my Wii. Anyone have more info on the Wii MOD chip?
Check out Cooking Mama for Wii…it’s an awesome game

Yeah…a buddy has had one for about at least a month now…maybe a bit longer. The golf is pretty cool. The tennis is a killa.

I have no idea where/how he got it.

You have yours already? Damn! Ours is coming in a couple of weeks. Tell me why it’s so cool!

I want the mod chip as well, but I’m nervous about having someone open up my console…

There isn’t the mod chip, there are a few. All of them involve opening your console and (iirc) soldering. Only one of them seems to allow software upgrades. So far, none of them offers enough functionality that I would trade warranty for it. (No, haven’t got a Wii yet, but preparing for it…)

You have yours already? Damn! Ours is coming in a couple of weeks. Tell me why it’s so cool!

I want the mod chip as well, but I’m nervous about having someone open up my console…[/quote]

Cooking Mama for the Wii uses all the movements/actions of the Wii Controller. Everything from stirring a pot, shaking a pan, rolling dough, chopping veggies, pealing veggies, cutting meat, pouring ingredients out of a bowl, turning up/down the heat on the element, using chopsticks to stir things up in the pan, cleaning/preparing different types of seafood. The movements are pretty acurate and there’s plenty of different recipes to complete. You can play against the computer or go head to head with a friend. The game takes a little bit of practise, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be quitting your day job to work as a CHEF. haha! media.wii.ign.com/media/827/827218/vids_1.html

Another game that uses all the movements/actions of the Wii Controller is: Smooth Moves. It’s a pretty fast paced game and it can be challenging at times. gamespot.com/wii/puzzle/wari … abs;videos

I also have the Operation Game: Trauma Center - Second Opinion. It’s a pretty good game…easy in the beginning with step by step operation procedures…but then you gotta start doing everything on your own…and people start dying and you get fired. The Wii Controller and the Nunchuck are used and the movements/actions are pretty cool. media.wii.ign.com/media/815/815016/vids_1.html

I picked up Wii Play when it came out. I would rate it about 3/5. I suggest giving it a try before you buy it. It’s kinda like Wii Sports, but not as good. Table Tennis is probably the best game out of the 9 in total mini-games. Other than that…I’m not sure if it was worth buying.

And of course Wii Sports…excellent game. Bowling is probably the best game out of 5 games included. It’s definately the best party game. I brought my wii to a friends place last night and everyone loved Bowling. The actions mimic really bowling…right down to giving the ball a little spin. Wii Sports is also a great game because it comes with the Wii. Good Job Nintendo!

If you can make a trip out to HK, there’s plenty of Wiis here, whether Japan or US, mod or unmodded (the merchants recommend Wiikey as the most versatile ie can be reflashed with new firmware, otherwise, they are the same).

Runs about 3000HKD for 2 controllers, AC adapter (stock is US/Japan voltage), WiiSports, Modded.

Just head over to “Computer city” sandwiched between Hennessey Rd and Wanchai Rd in Wanchai district. I believe the place is called 298 Plaza.

Having a lot of fun with WiiSports and the surgery game.

Do you know how much the MOD Chip is by itself?..And if it’s easy to install or would I need to find someone who knows a little about electronics to do it?
I would love to be able to MOD my Wii, but the risk of having my Wii short-out, kinda scares me.

There is a small gaming shop here in Taichung county that has modded Wiis for 10,800 NT plus they have a wide range of pirate games too…

Im not sure if it makes the Wii region free, however, or if you can get online with it. From what I have heard, the online stuff is a definite selling point…

I hope there is an ‘Asia’ region for Wii games like the 360 has. The Asia region 360 games are usually in english and are much cheaper than the Jap region games…

Wii rocks, 'nuf said.

They do rock! I was in agony for days after flooring Dogged two out of three rounds in the boxing. That’s quite some bloody workout!

Didn’t play the tennis - I was connected to oxygen after the boxing - but that looked like a great laugh.


Has anyone tried Tiger Woods 2007 for the Wii? What a great game. If you can’t make it out to a real course, get this game. It’s pretty accurate and very fun. The only thing it doesn’t have is a golf cart.