Taiwan Rises Fast as New TV/Movie Production Hub


Can’t wait to see the Teresa Tang related mini-series, “Memory Eclipse”.

“Taiwan’s free environment, lower production costs and abundance of Mandarin-speaking talent all contribute to this movement.

China, on the other hand, is becoming less desirable as a production base because of the continuously tightened censorship and surging production and talent costs.”

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Translation: locking up your biggest stars for tax evation has consequences. So does shutting down broadcast of your most popular productions because «they contravene party lines». 3 major series just this month.


funny how the author used the term “mainland China” at least four times throughout


Problem as they say in the article if you are shooting a big production you want to do it in China so to have a coveted spot as a partially local movie in the slots allocated for local production instead of gambling as a foreign one. International markets are vital now to big studios, especially China, where most of their revenue comes from. And money talks.

Moreover, all China has to do to to kill a career or shut down a film is to label it pro Taiwanese independence. It has done it before with productions that accepted Taiwan government subsidies.

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These are TV/streaming companies. Are Netflix or Amazon even accessible from China? (Geniune question)


China seems to be really cracking down on its own arts and culture lately. I heard that recently a big art scene in Shanghai was basically forcibly disassembled. A couple of the artists and curators escaped to Taipei.

But it also just seems like they’re trying to boot some foreigners since they’re tightening up the regime and don’t want the rest of the world bearing witness.


It’s about time Taiwan starts its own adult movie industry. They could easily beat the Japanese if they give it a serious try.

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For the most part, though, movie people have gone into hiding. Production companies canceled or postponed projects while they audit their books and negotiate what they owe in back taxes. Many of the country’s biggest actors stopped working, afraid of becoming the next Fan Bingbing. Financing dried up as banks shied away from an industry tainted by scandal.

The crisis has exposed the shortcomings of China’s efforts to build an entertainment industry to rival Hollywood.

boo hoo hoo, boo hoo hoo… :crying_cat_face:


Am I missing something? Do they have to avoid taxes? or is there more to the Fan Bingbing story?


ChiComms always make examples of a few to scare all the others. She obviously did not have big backers to protect her.


Time to get into the entertainment business in Taiwan.


That picture… :wall: it is the image du jour. Everyone is using it. Hualien, BTW.