Taiwan Road Records

I just made it from Fugang (the port in Taidong that takes ya to Green Island, back to San Xia exit, via Route 9 South from Taidong, across the end of the island mountains to Highway 3 North, without (really) breaking the speed limit (no more than 10KPH over) in

7 hours.

Is that a record?

The time was from 4:30 to 11:30 in the P of M. (during CNY no less)

(oh, and I’m up at 2 in the A of M because I drank Red Bull and Coke most of the way.)

It took me 9 hours once from Ilan/Lodong to Taipei during the children’s festival.

Kending to Taipei in a little under 5 hours this morning. Traffic never slowed once. Everyone said it would take 10; sure glad it didn’t!:cool:

1 clockwise lap of Sunmoon Lake, 26 minutes… that includes putting on and taking off gloves… not overtaking on blind/dangerous corners… and getting stuck behind a bus for about 5 minutes…

I’m sure I’ve improved since then… but haven’t timed myself~

I once did 15 hours from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Don’t know about the time, but definitely a record number of accidents seen. And my right foot ached for days from constantly pumping the brake and gas.