Taiwan’s Biggest Latin Party (6/13)

INFINE presents Taiwan’s biggest Latin party, a spectacular night featuring a show by Taiwan’s best Latin dancers, a live performance by Latin band Mandinga and a set by DJ Zulu (Barcelona). Set on Saturday June 13th at Riverside Live House (Ximenting), the Latin Music and Dance Festival also a dance party where everyone is invited to drink, celebrate, and discover Latin culture. Mini dance classes will be provided as well as a chance to win free Spanish lessons and dance classes in a lucky draw. Tickets include one raffle ticket and one free beer, and VIP tickets are available with a special viewing area and access to the VIP lounge with free beer and free Mexican food.

Res ipsa loquitor.

De gustibus non est disputandum.

Nemo me impune lacessit

Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris

Lex clavatatoris designati rescindenda est

Quando omni flunkus moritati

Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri?