Taiwan’s Longest Bicycle Path

88-kilometer route links Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan.

I wonder where it is and if truly a dedicated bicycle path or also goes on roads.

Taiwan News story gives no direct or indirect clue on name, location, etc.

Edit: Chinese news sources I checked also gave no location information. Seems mostly a photo op.

水圳綠道 might be the name.

This might be a spot on the route.



My goodness … how can a news story be so utterly useless at actually telling people anything about the supposedly newsworthy tourist destination.



They forgot to mention that cyclists will also be delighted by the thousands of factories along the way, not a few of them built illegally in farm land.

Still, if it’s a half-decent bike path: great news.


Only one way to find out where this is…

Quantity vs quality. That is the question.

I could see it being decent if its a mountain route.

88 kilometers may sound pretty long, but compared to greater Taipei’s 200+ kilometers of riverside bike paths, which are all connected, it’s still rather short.

Plus as @tango42 has already suggested, who knows what it actually means. It could be 20km of sidewalk and 50km of shoulder and 18km of normal road with occasional bicycle stencils on the side, barely visible under parked trucks.


Ah here’s something a bit more useful, at the bottom of a focus Taiwan piece. But is it that hard to also include a link?!

Article: https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202203120007


If that kind of scenery is your bag, might i suggest going asap or waiting til winter.

Well if it’s like the houfeng bikeway, it’s no use for training or commuting either. That is like Ben hurs chariot race, of which crappy battery powered vehicle remotely resembling a bicycle goes faster… But yeah houfeng definitely is a tourist attraction, same as sun moon lakes grandour… (For people who have never been to actually beautiful places).

But yeah, actually besides North Europe kinda the whole world hasn’t understood how to build bicycle infrastructure useful for people to ditch cars and instead bike.

However Taipei bikepathes aren’t too bad. You can always use them when there is traffic jam or sometimes to jump a red light a little less obvious… It’s clear thanks to the cycleways there is no other mode of transport, including scooters remotely as fast as using a bike (especially knowing jumping red lights infringements aren’t cared for by the police). I would of course still prefer Dutch or Danish bike infrastructure any day even if that means following all rules. However the Dutch know that cyclists have way better awareness of their surroundings so rules aren’t the same as for other vehicles…


While trying to find that map on the Executive Yuan website I stumbled upon this one:


This is the Mountains to Sea National Greenway from the Yushan/Alishan area down to the coast in Tainan (or vice versa). Not quite sure what this project by the Forestry Bureau is about, yet, but I like the idea of combining hiking and cycling, and even a boat trip on Zengwen Reservoir in between. Probably need to have a support team to do this (transport of bicycles for the stretches you are hiking).

Both seem to be part of the larger Greenway Project introduced here (Chinese):
https://www.ey.gov.tw/File/C6A8F6ADEEB3C11B?A=C [PDF file]

One hour later…

Can’t find the map or any other helpful map of the route, but telling from the images of people riding on the route, it seems there are lot of dedicated bikeway stretches and small roads along those irrigation channels. During the day it’s pretty much hot without much shade from trees, so if they want to plant more trees along the route that is definitely a good idea, I reckon.

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