Taiwan’s support for US?

Through all years here, always been the question/expectations/worries if US would or would not, support Taiwan in case of military threats by China

However, my question is more on what do you all think about Taiwan’s support of US?

In worst case scenario, if Russia attacks Estonia, US and NATO will go to war with Russia.

Would Taiwan side with US and join US war with Russia? Practically Taiwan can’t do much, but a couple of submarines on Russia East coast sinking some container ships for trade blocking would hurt Russia a bit, and show some support for US

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I like this thread. :pouting_woman:t3::coffee:


There is no treaty or formal commitment for Taiwan to help USA.

Need to read Taiwan government tea leaves.

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Sadly the tea leaves from my view after discussions with friends here seems to be a no…

Just expecting support from other countries if attacked, but not willing to support others, just exuses will come if ever even discussed.

Hope the TW government would prove me wrong, but I doubt it sadly

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Taiwan vital support for US is semiconductors for military equipment and other technologies.


If Russia attacked Estonia and the US and NATO responded, imo, Taiwan should not get involved, at least, not in the actual fighting. First, because it has no obligation to do so – neither to the US nor Estonia. Second, because Taiwan, as a small player, should conserve its resources for threats closer to home. Third, the US and NATO have plenty of power on their own.

As an aspiring member of the global system, Taiwan can offer all kinds of other assistance, and make hay in terms of goodwill in the process. Like now, condemning the invasion of Ukraine, Covid Mask diplomacy, and - as in natural disasters in the past (ex. the Chengdu earthquake) - offering other forms of aid.

A more relevant thought experiment might be if China and North Korea attempted to take Seoul – would, could, should Taiwan get involved? For me, again, I think there are many factors Taiwan should think about before it jumps into the fire.


My family doesn’t like Taiwan for this reason >.>
Plus they hate on Americans and Biden but who else would protect them…

But why would Taiwan support countries that don’t even recognize it as an independent country? Maybe Taiwan would help its allies like Somaliland or Palau, but not countries that consider it a part of China.

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Ok, let’s say it was Lithuania attacked in the OP’s example, instead of Estonia. Lithuania re-established formal ties with Taiwan last November.

Lithuania is also a NATO member, so can expect an Article 5 response from fellow NATO members obligated to rush to it’s defense. Again - Taiwan can more effectively support Lithuania in ways other than direct military involvement, like sending troops or attacking Russia in this part of the world.

I would guess humanitarian and medical support along with supplies and providing trading for military production would be the best way.

NATO the US would probably not want to weaken Taiwans defense during war time.

What Andrew 0409 said. I imagine Washington would advise Taiwan to keep a wary outlook in its own neighborhood.