Taiwan set to become super-aged by 2025: NDC

So as we already all know, Taiwan is in for a rough ride due to rapidly falling birthrates. Its probably for the best due to the previous overpopulation of the small island. But for government revenues and such, not good.

To combat it, the article says the government will ‘boost the country’s fertility rate, strengthen the labor force structure and improve care for senior citizens’. A pretty tall order.

In addition , ‘the government is also seeking to foster talent and recruit professionals from home and abroad, as well as improving workplace environment as part of efforts to bolster Taiwan’s labor participation rate and overall production’.

Other than in very specific industries it doesn’t seem like much is done to foster international talent recruitment. Plus the workplace environment is toxic for locals but not sure what the govt will do to combat that. They got a lot of work ahead of the but I hope positive change will be seen.

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