Taiwan shoe sizes

Here is a table of British, European, American and Japanese shoe sizes: martialarts.iisports.com/page.as … nt_id=1932 Who knows what system Taiwan uses? Or is it mix-and-match a la pinyin? You’d have thought I would have worked this out after all the time I’ve been here, but when buying shoes I just play the waishengren and say “My mainland size is 42.” (China uses the European system.)

I just say: “Bring me your biggest shoes” :slight_smile:

Juba, thanks for the great chart!

I just bought a pair of sneakers from a very large shoe store in Miaoli County. I noticed that most of the shoes in this store used the Japanese sizes, but also lots of the shoes used the Continental European sizes, and there were also a few shoes that used the American sizes. But it wasn’t any problem because there were lots of charts posted all over the store so that you could find out your size in all three systems. (None of the shoes were in British sizes, so three systems is better than four, anyway.)