Taiwan to Australia, Korea, Japan and Spain? (re: SARS)

Hey guys,

My English school just decided to close down for two weeks, so I think I will take this opportunity to visit some other countries (without spreading SARS I hope).

Can anyone tell me what the current status is or a webpage that I can check current status (like will I have to be quarantined upon entry) for Australia, Korea, Japan and Spain (these are my ideal destinations).

Heck, are these countries even accepting us losers? But really, I wouldn’t go if they plan to quarantine me… well, unless I can be thrown into an all-supermodel prison or hospital or something.


The easiest thing to do is contact the representative office of the country you are interested in visiting. e.g. for Australia contact the Australian Commerce and Industry Office in Taipei. They will give you a definitive answer.

To be honest though I don’t think many countries are going to put you in quarantine. Most will simply ask a few medical related questions and only if you have SARS related symptoms might you find yourself in quarantine.

No quarantine at all. www.australia.org.tw