Taiwan to ban single use plastic straws

Taiwan plans to ban single use plastic straws apparently. Let’s see if it goes through. I hate how 711 shoves plastic straws at you when you buy a drink. What is it with straw use here? You don’t need straws to drink almost any of the drinks at 711.


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The plastic straw automatically handed to me when I buy a bottle of water is a cultural shock that I haven’t managed to get over yet.

If it’s a store policy, they need to change it. There’s no reason for straws for almost any of the drinks. I don’t know why people even like using straws.

Some of The new changes seems to be ridiculously slow. They plan to change somethings that can be done overnight in 2030?

But, that means I’ll no longer get to do my well practised incredulous look when I buy a beer and they offer me a straw. Simple pleasures.

They always try to give me a straw when I get milk to put in my coffee. I’m Dr. Milker, dammit! It’s like they’re trying to trigger me.



What happened to the Nanny State chorus? :idunno:

Yeah, I don’t need a straw to drink a Redbull or Heineken. Effin’ ridiculous.

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Is it 711s policy to have to give straws out? It’s almost ridiculous how they push it on you. Even without the new law, is there anyway to contact 711 and maybe petition for them to at least stop giving them out unless someone asks for it. I don’t know how they make you pay for a plastic bag but hand you and handful of straws whenever you bring drinks.

Well, if Taiwan is banning plastic straws then it’s kind of a moot point. Although how will people drink their precious bubble teas now?

Article says they will pay until 2025 and in 2030 have a complete ban.

Aren’t there biodegradable paper straws. If not maybe I’ll produce them and get the government to subsidize or fund my business

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I started using metal straws at home a few months ago, but cleaning it requires so much water and time that I wonder if it’s a false environmental economy - how much energy does a single straw require, versus the cleaning?

And I certainly wouldn’t want to carry it around.

I wonder what this is going to do to the drink stand business?

I used the metal straws before and found that…we would NEVER know whether we cleaned it properly or not. Enter…the glass straw. Gf and I have been using them for awhile and they’re much easier to clean since we know where the grime is. Doesn’t take that much extra water.

Honestly, I just don’t take the straws from the convenient stores. I even refuse them when I go to breakfast shops when they have the paper cups with plastic covering on them. I just rip open the plastic covering and drink away.

If you’re drinking alcoholic beverages with a straw…you basically shouldn’t be drinking.


Companies will probably stop making drinks in cardboard cartons. Tea, juice, milk etc. Instead, they will switch to only plastic bottles.

Many of you are saying that at convenince stores you get handed straws when you buy a drink. Ive noticed over the past few years that more and more clerks are no longer handing out straws. They are there next to the registers for you to take if you want one, but no one has handed me a straw in over a year. I never was handed a straw for a beer. Mostly only if I bought a drink in a carton.

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It’s not about the energy as much as it is the horrendous pollution and environmental damage


One problem is the straws but there are other big issues too.
99‰ of coffee cups are not recyclable. Big movement to charge for them overseas now .
The plastic caps.
The tea cups with plastic fused into the paper. Also not recyclable.
Even the cardboard tetrapaks probably not recyclable except if you have special machines supposedly.
Only the much vilified plastic bottles seem to be easily recycled along with aluminium cans.

Its a good move though to get rid of straws and plastic bags.

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Yeah, I’m not any kind of a bubtea/Stardick’s user, I make coffee at home and drink it there, and do the same with coffee/tea at the office, but seeing the number of single use cups and straws my workmates (and kids, embarrassingly) go through in a week is kind of mind-blowing. When I was a kid, straws were made of paper ( I know, I know :grandpa:), and they seemed to work fine. Of course, where I come from, people don’t, or didn’t, really use straws much. They were kind of the territory of little children who hadn’t learned to drink from a cup, really.

Wait…are you calling Taiwan a nation of children!?!

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And not for the first time.
Or even the first time today.