Taiwan to distribute surplus tax revenue, NT$6,000 to every citizen & APRC holder

I guess it won’t include us foreigners…


It’s so typical that they are doing this instead of using that money on other more important stuff. People are so stupid.


I guess they are not worried about inflation then? This is income redistribution.

So do we need to pay taxes on the 5K again to keep the cycle going?


Already being discussed here:

5000 is not nearly enough to cause inflation.


Inflation would only happen if they’re printing new money out of thin air. There isn’t an increase in the money supply.


Why is citizenship the baseline here for this payout?

So many of us noncitizen residents have busted our a&&ses to help make Taiwan successful and have dutifully paid our taxes along the way. Frankly speaking Taiwan would be screwed without us. Wtf!



Hurt? Yea, screwed? I don’t think so.

I don’t think they rely THAT heavily on us. We’re seen as exploitable. You come here, you do your thing, we pay you, and you go home. That’s it.


What are you gonna do, vote for someone else? :rofl:


The amount has now been confirmed to be $6,000. Will update the title

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So me as an ARC holder is already out😆

No noncitizen labour, few functioning factories. Or few people helping the elderly. And so on.

What sort of economy would we have without such labour?

This is insulting.



Is there an age limit for citizens to receive it? Will children get it?

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According to my friend, yes they will. Don’t know for sure.

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It’s not exactly something that would cause a total collapse. I am just as upset as you, but I still need to root myself in the truth.

There are people here that can do it, it would just be more expensive due to a lower supply of people willing to do it for a low price.

When people say things like ‘destroy the economy’. No. A destroyed economy is something relatively few people have ever seen in history. They mean destroyed growth.

A real destroyed economy is life-changing. Paying more for a nanny is not.

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My point is: why this form of distribution?

I would have been much happier seen it invested in the future for Taiwan’s security than handed to some of the entitled landlord class around me. They don’t need it, and they won’t vote for the DPP anyways. What the hell is the point here.



That’s a different question.

Your statement was:

We still need to recognise our own bargaining position and artificially inflating it is not going to be helpful to advance our cause as we will fail to understand their view and adapt to that when pushing for equal rights.

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Because they are buying votes


I’m pissed at this decision to not include all tax payers. Last year I paid more in taxes than what an average Taiwanese would pay in their whole lifetime and you can be sure they’re not getting any more of that, as I’m moving my businesses to legal offshore structures.


There is not details yet. They said to the people, so should include everyone who pay taxes.

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