Taiwan to lift ractopamine restrictions

A push towards trade deals. Smart.


I’ll take Ractopamine over Xitopamine any day of the week.

Good job, Tsai!!!


Finally some ractopamine for all of us!


Excellent! Now I can come and go freely. :grin:


As if we’re not getting that in the local meat products already…


We need beef with bones. Even getting pork chops with bones is a challenge here. Everything is cut into tiny bits if you don’t speak up quickly.

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Guess I should also say, FINALLY! What took her so long?

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Big progress , they want the trade deal.


Good for both sides. Doing business with allies that share the same values is important as we’ve just seen.


The backlash begins but will it have the same support this time.

Tsai said Taiwan will set standards for ractopamine residue in imported pork despite her Democratic Progressive Party’s long insistence on a zero tolerance policy toward the leanness-promoting additive.

Focus Taiwan is more willing than Taiwan news to report intraparty squabbles. Pork lobby is deep into 蘇貞昌Z’s pockets.

I knew from sources that she was waiting for her second term to do this, but I didn’t expect to wait 8 months after re-election.

Guy on here a while back claimed to have worked in a slaughterhouse locally, said the local stuff is full of it. Take with the obligatory grain of salt.

It’s not exactly a secret, which makes the government’s previous position on imported meat with ractopamine a tad hypocritical. Just an excuse for protectionism really.

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Whoah. A rational choice but unfortunate that this is a price we have to pay for the trade deal. I can almost see the trade deals coming at light speed.

Unfortunate? The ban was ill-conceived to begin with.

But yes, once the USA signs an FTA, Japan will follow. Then the dominoes will fall.

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Taiwanese desperately needs this trade deal . I hope she can get it pushed thru asap.


There are waaaaay more industries in Taiwan that will benefit from this than ones that hurt. Think of all the heavy and light machinery companies that need to export.

All sectors reaping the benefits from trade need to form a political alliance.

Is Ractopamine good for making Ractogino coffee? You know those Klingon coffee from star trek…