Taiwan to start taking its entertainment industry more seriously?

From the article:

“We (Taiwan) should also broaden our imagination when it comes to penetrating the global market,” Tang said. “Taiwan should treat our entertainment industry as we would tech companies such as TSMC and Asus.”

He said the entertainment industry is an important strategy in Taiwan’s efforts at globalization.

“Just look at BTS (a Korean boyband) and the influence Korean shows have abroad, which serve as testaments to the impact of Korea’s soft power,” Tang said.

With the recent global attention on Taiwan, it seems we are arriving at a point where we can develop Taiwan’s pop-culture more, and focus on exporting it to the world.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Japanese anime and pop culture dominated Asia and the international market abroad. In the 90’s, it was Hong Kong films and music. In the 2000’s, the world’s attention turned to China, Hong Kong’s film industry suffered a major blow, and focus shifted more to Chinese films. In the 2010’s and beyond, South Korea’s pop culture REALLY dominated.

Can the next decade belong to Taiwan?