Taiwan to Xiamen


I need some travel advice. Can anyone tell me what the cheapest way (also convenient) is to travel from Taiwan (Kaohsiung) to Xiamen in China…?

Any help will be appreciated…!


first fly to HK, Than cross the border and take the train from Shenzhen to Xiamen … or fly from Shenzhen … not from HK

You can also go from Shenzhen to Xiamen by bus. I took an overnight sleeper bus from Shenzhen to Huian via Xiamen and Quanzhou. (If anyone wants to go to Huian, note that the Quanzhou-Huian leg is on the same ticket but you get taken by minibus.) The bus station in Shenzhen is just over the Hong Kong border. They have a left luggage office so you can wander around Shenzhen after buying your ticket.

You could also try KHH-MFM (Macau) and onward by bus from Zhuhai or fly from Zhuhai.

If you have an ROC passport, you can take the boat from Jinmen after flying from KHH.