Taiwan Travel Videos


Didn’t find a thread with travel videos, so started a new one. So lets put videos of your trips in Taiwan here.

Finally came around finishing a video of a trip to Matsu we did in 2012. First time for me to do a commentary, so there is room for improvement. Have mercy! Hope the video gives anyone who wants to go to Matsu an idea of what the islands are like. This was my first time there and I had a completely different image of Matsu before the trip. Was much better than I thought it would be.


Here’s a slideshow video of a short trip from Taitung to Hualien. Fu Jhang Villa and Pakelang are two nice places to stay.


Here’s a video of my second trip to Penghu last year. It’s a mixture of still shots and video, set to music.

I love Penghu!


[quote=“Steve4nLanguage”]Here’s a video of my second trip to Penghu last year. It’s a mixture of still shots and video, set to music.

I love Penghu!


Great vid, I love Penghu too!


Here’s a video of a trip we made a few weeks ago to the East Rift Valley.

I included as much helpful info as possible to make watching it worthwhile for anyone planning to go there.

Btw. you can activate English subtitles and translate them automatically into your own language (if it’s not English), which is always funny because of the many mistakes in there. (The Chinese translation has some very funny mistakes.)


Latest micro film released by the Tourism Bureau. Mmhhh…

First thing I am surprised about is the big bike riding without helmets… Is that what the government wants to promote? :sunglasses:


Video of our trip to Lanyu last month. Great place.


Our trip to Kinmen.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


From our latest trip down Southwest. Taking the boat at Taijiang National Park is kind of interesting. Nothing spectacular. The guide on the boat did get on our nerves pretty quick, especially when she started to talk about how healthy the stray dogs on the sandy shores there are because they are feeding on fish and crabs. She didn’t stop talking for the hole trip, which lasted probably an hour or so.


Nice vids.
Have you taken a boat trip through the mangrove tunnels in Tainan? That’s a nice hour or so on a boat.


[quote=“Bernadette”]Nice vids.
Have you taken a boat trip through the mangrove tunnels in Tainan? That’s a nice hour or so on a boat.[/quote]

Thanks, Bernadette! Yep, we did that as well on the same day. The piers are close to one another. Will upload another video about that trip when it’s ready.




Luermen Tianhou Temple

Nice temple, I liked it. Very clean and red inside.

You can walk through the temple on Google Street View too.



I was hoping that others would post Taiwan travel videos here too. Looks like I am the only one playing here. :sunglasses:

Next up: Salt and Sunset on the Southwest Coast.

We went to the salt fields, salt mountains, and salt museum in Tainan/Chiayi. Mildly interesting. The sunset we saw at Qigu was great, though.


You are doing a great job. :thumbsup:


You are doing a great job. :thumbsup:[/quote]

Thanks, MM! :slight_smile:


Six more videos from our trip to the Southwest Coast. Quite frankly, the coastal areas of Tainan, Chiayi, and Yunlin are a little bit boring. The sunsets we saw where nice, the temples were interesting, and the mangrove tree tunnel trip was fun, but apart from that, lots of flat land and sleepy villages. Getting around isn’t easy either. You better have your own car, which we luckily had. If you want to explore the ecological areas and watch birds, you better bring lots of time and good tele lenses/binoculars. If you like eating oysters, you will find plenty of it. Anyway, it was an interesting experience. It always amazes me how many different faces Taiwan has, mountains and sea, north and south, main island and offshore islands, so much variety. :thumbsup:


Great vids!


Thanks Chris!


Great videos :thumbsup:

“Bucolic” might be a nicer description of the southwest coast. Alright, it’s a little bit boring too, but it really grew on me in this strange way. Something about the emptiness of the landscape really speaks to me. That’s not the sort of thing anyone is going to go see as a tourist… but I enjoy passing through and have had some luck capturing some interesting imagery there. Plus as someone who appreciates ruins, well… there’s plenty of those scattered around the southwest coast :slight_smile: