Taiwan visa office in Tokyo, Japan?

I’m headed to Tokyo on Aug. 22nd. I need to get a new Taiwan visa, but I will only be in Tokyo on Friday; on Saturday, I am headed to the coast. I have these questions:

  1. Does Tokyo have a Taiwan visa office?
  2. Where is the visa office (address)?
  3. How late is it open on Friday?
  4. Is it open on Saturday morning?

Maybe someone knows a website I can visit…

-99.99999% clueless

I can answer the first question - Yes, they do have a visa office. I’ve been there. They’re actually the best visa office I had the pleaure of visiting. Just pipping Melbourne, but belting the living crap out of Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Address, if you attend a language school, just ask them.

Saturday, dunno about that, could struggle actually. If you get your application in before luch, you can generally pick it up the next day. Don’t quote me though.

No. 20-2, 5 Chome, Shiroganedai
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0071 Japan

:shock: Geesh, Amos and Cranky, you guys must be web bots. How’d you answer so fast? Thanks!

Just on that address, I remember I had a prick of a time trying to find it in the taxi (both when applying and collecting). Save yourself a headache and get somebody to write it down in Japanese.

Directions (in Japanese) are just after the first horizontal line on the page I gave a link to above.

There’s an enormous amount of information on the website of the Government Information Office. It almost certainly has more in English than the websites of all the other ministries put together.

Take the JR Yamanote to Meguro Station. Go out the East Exit (the one with the McDonald’s) and start walking up the hill along the big street to the right of McD’s. After about 5 minutes you’ll see a kind of park/botanical garden. The visa office is just past the park on the left side. Look for a 20-foot-high white wall. Can’t miss it.

They f-cked up my work visa years ago, so make sure you have everything in order before you leave that office.

According to the website, they’re open from 9-12 and then 1-5 for visas (but doesn’t say which days, I assume M-F only)

Directions - besides the JR Yamanote line, you can take the subway Nanboku line to the Shirogane-dai stop. It’s a 5-minute walk from Exit #1 (whereas JR line takes 10 minute walk).

You can also fill out the application beforehand by downloading it from here