Taiwan visa on the mainland

Hey there, I was wondering if anybody knows how I can get a taiwanese visitor visa on the Mainland. if so please offer advice. the canadian embassy in taiwan and china dont know and I cant get onto taiwanese government website from here. thanks

There is no Taiwan representative office on the mainland - only in Macau and Hong Kong. However, a travel agent may be able to do it for you. Go to a travel agent, e.g. CITS where you live and ask.

Have you considered asking those high-ranking CCP officials who are always spouting their mouths off about the “One China Policy?”

I don’t want to appear impolite, but FACTS are FACTS, and Taiwan is not a part of the PRC.

Anyway, in a worst case scenario, as the above poster mentioned, you can spend a day or two in H.K. and get it there. Or better yet, fly to Singapore.

doesnt seem impolite at all, I would ask except they would turn red in the face, ask me to put it in writing then kick me out of the country (exaggeration). Anyways thanks for the advice, its what I thought (ie macau or hong kong) I was hoping to avoid the expense but…thought going to a travel agent is a good idea…