Taiwan VISA RUN problem

I’m not in Taiwan yet but I will be in February I will be entering on a 90-day tourist visa

If your visa is extendable, you can extend it within 15 days before the expiration date. the extension take effect from the end of your
initial 90 days.

David, are you a dual national but entering Taiwan with a foreign passport?

I’ve seen dual nationals do this a lot… I don’t know why.

Taiwan doesn’t seem to even care. Countries like the US has a law that says they can’t issue you a visa if you are a US citizen and if you try to enter on any other passport than your US passport, you will run into serious problems (if you don’t have the US passport on you that is).

Please share your story.

not much to share. don’t do that unless you want to be fined and have visa free revoked for a year.

If you are from UK, and you have not visa free revoked, you can come with visa exempt, and extend it, I think.

If you plan on staying longer than 180 days I would not do the extension thing more than once or even at all. Just do a visa run within the 90 days.

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the documentation says if i apply for an visa extension they will need to see if i can support myself financially… anyone got experience of how much is considered adequate?