Taiwan VISA RUN problem

i have an EU passport, which grants me visa-free entry to Taiwan for less than 90 days. I am planning to stay in Taiwan for 1 years, by entering Taiwan 4 times with EU passport free- entry without applying for a visa. (for example at the last few days, i could go to other countries, then re-enter Taiwan and apply for free visa-entry upon arrival ) Is it possible to do this? Are there limits to free-entry for EU passport holders(i had heard that free-entry can only be granted 2 times per year, 180 days in total, but i am not sure)? if not do i need to apply for a proper visa?
My English is not very good. If you don’t understand, please leave a message and tell me, thank you.

Should be fine as long as you never overstay by even one day
Which will cancel your visa free


That is, I can go to Taiwan four times a year,and one visa free time cannot then do it for more than 90 days,In order to regain the 90-day visa free I need to leave Taiwan for a few days and then go to Taiwan and get a new visa, right?:grinning:

Visa free entry means entry without a visa. You show up and according to your passport you are granted a certain period to stay in Taiwan.
Say Taiwan allows passport holders from your country a courtesy visa free stay of up to 90 days EACH TIME.

This means that you are allowed entry into Taiwan without a visa and can stay up to but not exceeding 90 days with the first day counting as your day of arrival.

There are certain terms that have to be met. Such as your passport must have at least six months validity left. And you can not be travelling on temporary papers. And you must not be on a black list or had previously OVERSTAYED your visa free status.

Currently to my knowledge Taiwan does NOT restrict how many times a year you can come in without a Visa. As long as the above parameters are met.

If you do exceed your stay by even one day your right to come back in without a visa is forfeited for a period of a year or more.

Therefore plan your trip OUT of Taiwan carefully . DO not leave it till the very last day. If your flight is cancelled or the airport closed you are NOT excused because of that.

I did this for many years. And I always made sure to leave a few days before the LAST DAY.

You can come straight back in without a visa.

Hope this makes it clear for you.


Ok, thank you very much for your answer.:grinning:

It’s much easier to have visa wavier forfeited in the US by the way.

Overstay, having any criminal records, applied for and was denied a visa, denied entry at any time etc. and you lose visa wavier for life.

You also have periods that you can be in the country (as well as Mexico and Canada) as well and if you exceed that, you lose visa wavier for life.

As well as Mexico and Canada? What’s the deal there? Time spent in Mexico and Canada counts towards visa-free stay in the US?

You’re supposed to have an ongoing ticket, and they can bother you if you have none. Make sure you have a return flight booked or “planned”… meaning you know the schedule and flight number of a plane leaving at the end of your 90 days so you can write it in your landing card

Yes, they do this because people will go to Mexico and then come back, and they don’t want that. It’s like Schengen zone 90 days in a 180 day period.

I did this for about a year, someone made a good point and always have a return ticket out of Taiwan. 90% of the time for me, they asked to see the return ticket back home.

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You must have looked suspicious, they never asked me. And even when I volunteered, they always said “no need” and waved me on.

Not back home. Just a ticket to HK/Manila etc. is fine. Also with a smartphone you can actually purchase this at the checkin counter if they insist. Usually though you can just ask to sign a waiver of indemnity.

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same as what others have said, and don’t skimp on the onward ticket and do book before exactly 90 days as tommy said. i tried to do it on the 90th day once and it turned out to be one day over and that was a huge pain in the ass.

also do check the amount of days your individual country is allowed, not all are 90 days. some 60 or 30.


I have taiwani spouse how much required to get jfrv ?

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Should be fine if you don’t overstay as others have mentioned.

Taiwan doesn’t seem to be too concerned with visa runners. Thailand, on the other hand, is cracking down hard. They seem to be well aware of digital nomads.



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if i apply for a visa extension of 90days ontop of my initial 90days, do i have to do this upon arrival or nearer to the end of my initial 90 days? does the extension take effect from the date of application or the end of my initial 90 days?

You need to state what type of visa you currently have.