🛂 Taiwan Visa | Understanding my visa date

Hello all

I am moving to Taiwan for a couple years for church volunteer work. I was supposed to arrive last week, but I broke my foot so I had to stay home. I am almost healed so hopefully I am able to head out soon.

My resident visa shows that I need to “Enter Before” March 28, 2024. Does this mean I need a stamp on my visa on March 27th or can I get it on March 28th? I just want to make sure that I don’t need to reapply for my visa and that my travel gets booked at the right time so I don’t arrive too late.


Unless someone here knows exact answer, I’d call your local TECO (which issued the visa?).

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If you can travel, it’s probably best to book a flight that arrives at least a couple of days before the “enter before”. Flights can get delayed or cancelled and you don’t want to end up in a situation of ending up without a valid visa.


Visas in Taiwan work a bit differently. They facilitate entry. You have to enter before the date specified.