Taiwan weather changes for the good?

This summer, and last week mostly been it’s much cooler than past summers in Kaoshiung. it was 26/26C one day last week (raining a lot though) and took the train to Taipei for meeting and was mid 30’s. Not only that the pollution index has Kaoshiung quite bit cleaner than Taipei today (see link today Taipei is #35 and Kaoshiung is #52, #1 (worst) is Delhi, India). Being selfish this is good (less Air Con) and cool enough to ride my bike last night which I seldom do in the summer. I do wonder global weather changes can be good for some (not for most I guess!)

It rains a lot this summer, and the rain while it makes things humid, it cools things down. While it still feels miserable outside with AC it takes little to make the room comfortable.

I been to Texas and it seems “climate change” is worse there. They have been getting a lot less rain lately, and things have gotten very hot. I also noticed it got cool later in the year than before (it used to be, by Halloween it was cold, but last few years have been rather hot until almost Thanksgiving).

Taiwan seem to have been spared most of the climate change, temperature has either remained the same or gotten slightly cooler.

I’ve been here for a year now and I have yet to see a single typhoon. All of them kind of get deflected to Philippines or Japan. Hope its doesn’t get balanced out by having crazy ones later this year.

That’s only because we had a cool weather system (almost a tropical depression) come by us the last two weeks. Kaohsiung is still in general hot as balls, and will be hot again soon.

Less hot and less pollution. You answered it: rain. Once rain goes, heat comes back.

While you guys in SW have been rainy, SE is REALLY hot. 35 to 40 degrees and uv is like walking in a microwave…

The good thing is that growing cacti outdoors is getting easier :slight_smile: