Taiwanese “2000s emo rock” music recommendations

I’m kind of into 2000s emo rock such as Evanescence, Three Days Grace, ect. I find really MCR a little overrated though. I couldn’t find any good Asian 2000s rock though. I was wondering if there is any recommendations for any 2000s Taiwanese rock songs. Here are some songs with the vibe and sound I’m looking for my Taiwanese rock song recommendations:

  • Bring me to life by Evanescence
  • Pain by Three Days grace
  • Whisper by Evanescence
  • Going Under by Evanescence
  • In the end by Linkin Park
  • Last resort by Papa Roach
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

You know what? It’s hard to explain. Just some sort of emo/angst/gothic vibe but nothing too heavy or screamy. Just wanna really feel the vibe. I’d like it to have a nice emo sound to it like Evanescence or 3DG. BTW, it doesn’t even have to be Taiwanese. It can be Korean, Japanese or Chinese. Basically from the far East in Asia. I think Chinese and Japanese are very beautiful languages. I’m super duper picky and not really into old rock.


Sorry Youth, Undercurrent, 2017. National treasure.

Might check it out tomorrow. Here in America it’s almost 11 at night. Best get some sleep :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:

A bit of a letdown after your initial post. Maybe something like this would be more suitable.


I like that video, we all know smoking makes you look cool and hard.
God I miss smoking so much.

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Not Asian but do you know Rise Against? It’s closer to punk like 3DG, their old stuff is full of sweet riffs, though it’s not as angsty.

I’ve been looking for similar stuff in Japanese for a while, this is the only thing remotely close I could find, got some syrupy My Chemical Romance notes with a bit of LP influence:

One OK Rock might also have some of the vibe you’re looking for, though most of the time it gets closer to sweet pop-rock:


Not really a fan of MCR. I’ve heard of them. Wasn’t really into it

Omg this is the best video ever. I really like it. It reminds me of Taiwan night market music 20 years ago.
Love the Engrish.
This will be my ring tone.

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Because of the stupid Youtube restriction on my Chromebook (and probably cuz some of the videos you guys sent me may not be available here in America), I would prefer it if you gave me the song name rather than the link.

A little too screamy for me IMO

[quote=“Baxter, post:6, topic:192190”]
I’ve been looking for similar stuff in Japanese for a while, this is the only thing remotely close I could find, got some syrupy My Chemical Romance notes with a bit of LP influence:
[/quote] Abingdon Boys School- Innocent Sorrow

Sounds like some Japanese theme opening

This is my new ringtone.

If the link doesn’t work, type down Zenryoku Batankyu

They did the opening theme for Darker Than Black and some other anime music, but with other songs.

Bumping this thread because I’m in a similar bind. I’ve been in Taiwan for a while now, and so far my only experience with Taiwanese music has been glossy, disposable KTV pop, maudlin ballads, and middle-of-the-road hip hop where dudes in sportswear shout (not rap) about how many IG followers they have.

Are there any decent punk, rock, hardcore, alt, whatever bands in Taiwan? Something that has a bit of grit, passion, and imagination to it, in the vein of Shellac, Swans, Refused, Converge, Fugazi, Wire, that sort of thing? I’d love to get into Taiwanese music but my tastes haven’t really aligned with what I’ve been shown. Good hip hop would be appreciated too.

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IDK about Taiwanese/Chinese rock or rap but there’s this old Chinese song from the 80s that’s apparently a meme now. It’s called “Xue Hua Piao Piao”

One year later, couldn’t find any good chinese rock/

started writing chinese covers (中文音樂版本) of rock songs i like :writing_hand: :writing_hand:


Recently got into Obsess and they’re ace. Chug-chug-chug early Alexisonfire vibes.