Taiwanese (and Filipino) Citizenship

Hi, just want to ask if anyone can enlighten me, my father is a taiwanese citizen born and raised there. I was born in the philippines already 24 yrs. Old, im planning to move to taiwan and apply for a citizenship, is it true that they dont allow dual citizenship there, are there options for me to retain my phil citizenship or do i really have to renounce it?

I am a dual citizen of Taiwan and USA, I think it would depend on if Philippines allow dual citizenship or not.

Ohh thanks for that, we havent really asked the consulate yet, ill be studying chinese in a university there first while apply if ever for a citizenship.

  1. Get your Taiwanese passport at TECO. I think you can do it by mail.
  2. Get your entry and exit permit.
  3. Enter in Taiwan on your Taiwanese passport.
  4. Get your TARC. Or, this step can be done in Philippines before you go to Taiwan.
  5. After living in Taiwan for a certain period, apply for your citizenship.

Essential documents are your parent’s transcript of household registration and your birth certificate.

If your father was Taiwanese when you were born, you automatically have Taiwanese nationality by birth, even if your birth has not been resisted yet, and you don’t have a Taiwanese passport yet.


Thank you very much, these really helped me get an idea on what i’ll be doing. Thanks again much appreciated.

Contact MECO so you know what is required to reacquire Philippine citizenship. After you have your Taiwan citizenship sorted out, then work on getting back your Philippine one.


OP is a born Taiwanese, so no need of renunciation.

Looks like the OP’s father was born and raised in Taiwan. OP himself was born in the Philippines.

Yes, descendants of Taiwanese are born Taiwanese no matter where they are born.


Not entirely true… If the taiwanese father Never indicated you on the household registration or any other records. You arent taiwanese. Every baby born has no. id already on record but not on taiwan id

no. Whether you are registered or not doesn’t affect on your nationality. If one of your parents was an ROC national at your birth, you are a national as well. If you were born before 1980, your father should be Taiwanese.

Nationality and citizenship (household registration) are not the same.

How can they apply as a taiwanese if they dont recognized their children as taiwanese,?

What you need are a proof that one of your parents was a Taiwanese at your birth, and a proof that you are a child of the parent. The later can be a foreign document.

Hi! Have you ever acquire your Taiwan Passport? I am currently processing mine to but I needed to undergo legal proceedings first for correction of my birth before I can apply for a Taiwan Passport.