Taiwanese audio - looking for help

Hello everyone,

What feels like a long time ago, I bought the lauded Maryknoll Taiwanese (and Hakka) textbooks. However, due to certain circumstances I was unable to obtain the audio. I have been able to get the audio to the first book, but that still leaves books two and three.

I’ve scoured the internet and seemingly found, much to my dismay, that the Maryknoll language website was shut down. I was wondering if an kind soul might be willing to share the audio with me? I’m also curious if the Hakka textbook ever had any audio recorded for it.

Any help is appreciated!

I don’t have the CDs anymore, but if I remember correctly you can purchase them at the Maryknoll language center near Taipei Main station. They’re open Monday to Friday.

I apologize for not stating this outright, but I am not in Taiwan, and I’m not sure if I will be going there in the next few months or not. Unfortunately that solution is not viable for me, at least for now.

Thank you though.


You might find some info here.