Taiwanese bank account after ARC expires

Hey y’all :slight_smile:

My ARC expired about 7 months ago. I have been out of Taiwan during all this time. I still have an account at CHB bank with some funds in it (I didn’t close the account because I thought I might come back to Taiwan and need it, though now I have found employment elsewhere so that plan is gone). I am able to access my TW account online, but not transfer any money out since my ARC expired. I have not tried withdrawing funds from an ATM overseas, as I am too worried it will flag the system or whatever.

I will return to Taiwan next month with the intention of either transferring all my remaining money out to my home country’s bank (which I have done with them before, albeit when my ARC was still active), or at the very least withdrawing it all in cash. I will go to the exact same branch I opened the account at, where they already recognize me from my many, many visits (we all know how much fun it is to deal with these banks). I will have my passport, ATM card, banking books, Taiwan health insurance card (with ARC numbers on it) and my expired ARC (this last one I would rather not show to them due to its expiration, if possible).

  1. In your experience, do they allow the account holder to transfer all funds out to another bank if the ARC is expired? (provided I am there in person in Taiwan)

  2. If they have a problem with that, will I encounter any trouble at least taking all my money out directly from them? (it is less than 500k NTD)

  3. In your experience, does the ATM card still work in Taiwan even if the ARC is expired?(ATM card doesn’t expire for a while)

Thank you guys, much appreciated

If you have your passport and NHI card you should be OK. If they give you a hard time you can go to the immigration office and ask for a record of ID paper which has your old ARC number on it that they can accept, although I doubt you will have any issues getting the money.

Honestly I’d save the trip and try your ATM card, if it lets you get the cash you save a trip. Bear in mind there are daily withdrawal limits that apply even when you are overseas so you may need to try various amounts. And then there is transaction fees too to consider, overseas ATM charge and a visa or MasterCard conversion charge

Thank you so much! Although I have to return to TW for another matter anyway so it works out for me.

I’ve got plenty of ID for them, and they will definitely recognize me there because I’ve been in that branch a dozen times to transfer money back home previously. Just being cautious, given my experiences with TW banking…

Thank you again :slight_smile:


No worries. You have all the documents so it should be good. I just remembered if you opened the account with a stamped signature 印章 then you need to being it with the passbook otherwise if you opened it by signing bring yourself and the passbook.

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