Taiwanese buys ice cream in Italy and this is what happened next


The tour guide wouldn’t call the cops on one of his relatives.


Before being cooked!


Yes you can. But if sit down in any of the bar/ gelaterie in front of the dome just sitting will cost you 5€ ( in Italian is called coperto I believe that is service charge) plus any drink will be no less than 7-10€ So it doesn’t come at a surprise.
In Venice at pizza San Marco there is an old cafè called Florian that I always visit with my mother, if you sit down, have two coffee and two pastries it will cost you well above 50€. Definitely overpriced but it’s an experience


Florian in Taipei is cheaper!

BTW, drinking a coffee while standing or sitting in Paris is also different.


Mac Donald’s Ice Cream is the way to go. Just Luvin It !


That’s not ice-cream!


This used to be an Ice Cream in the UK.
Then the Marketing boys got busy with the Italian stuff :blush:


this is definitely a thing. i know someone that got burnt by a scam in London.


Flake 99’s from the ice cream van was delicious ! Especially in 1973 ha


When I did my summer program in china one of my classmates got done in on the i want to learn English (at a mates teashop) scam on his first day, the funny thing being he thought it was good tea and the price was reasonable, and didn’t realise what had happened until he heard someone talking about the scam


Why is there a stick in it


It was an old English custom to insert any random flotsam , found on the beach .:hugs:
I will post this video , explaining the insertion in more detail . ( At the risk of raising @mad_masala blood pressure.)


Sir, your insertions are of the least interest for me, especially after knowing that you don’t even know that those sticks were originally used for carrying DVD’s.

BTW, I have 2 DVD’s for sale, just in case anyone is interested.


Yeah definitely cheaper as you don’t get any of the original experience