Taiwanese buys ice cream in Italy and this is what happened next





Higher labour cost in Italy.
Seems like a fair price to me.


And much better location.


I doubt how high that could possibly be.


No way it’s 22. No Italians would pay for this. I ate gelato everyday and in major cities and tourists places like Rome and it’s nevwr been more than 5-6 Euros for a big size one. Italians don’t have that much money and can be a bit cheap on things like this.


Ha, well that’s Italy:

" A visitor to Caffe Lavena in Venice’s St Mark’s Square was left stunned after receiving a €43 (£38) bill for two coffees and two bottles of water."


About ten years ago I was charged the equivalent of 13 Euros for a small glass of white wine in Hong Kong airport. It’s called getting ripped off and it happens all the time to tourists everywhere if you don’t ask the price first.

We limeys are experts at it:


with the internet it’s not all that hard to avoid tourist traps. those who enter one are just too lazy to take 20 seconds to check the Google reviews. https://g.co/kgs/HMRcsu


I once asked the price of a beer in a fancy nightclub, was told 15 yoyo, so I though OK just give me a water then. Three minutes later the water and its bill arrive: 15 yoyo


It’s even easier to ask how much it is. I mean, it’s just an ice cream


The guy was probably just a sleaze who thought an Asian tourist would be an “easy mark.”


It’s common for prices to be very high if you go to gelaterie near the dome or major attraction. Where rent is higher and prices for customers are higher too, even more if you sit at their tables


I don’t know if anybody read the whole news but the shop was fined 2000 euros because they were hiding prices.


It is a bit odd, though. Has anyone here ever bought anything without knowing the price? There are the four guys who bought steaks and got charged over a grand. Who orders in a restaurant without knowing what the prices are?

I don’t think I ever pay for something without knowing what it costs. Maybe taxis occasionally. And, to be honest, a small glass of wine once. I suppose it can happen to all of us.


25 is expensive even for Switzerland. This is clearly a rip-off.

And I have been to Firenze. You can easily get gelato with like 3.


Some of those place have small print where the price listed for the steak is actually the price per oz etc, rather than the full price. There’s lot’s of variations on the scams.


Yeah, I guess so. And tourists have language barrier hurdles, plus they don’t want to have an incident in a foreign country that might screw up their vacation. Easy targets. It’s good that the authorities clamp down on this kind of gouging.


Didn’t a Chinese tourist get a 999 EUR cup of coffee in Rome ~10 years ago? What’s new here is the business being fined.


Rather nice of the tour guide to call the police on behalf of the Taiwanese tourist. I can’t imagine the reverse happening in China or Taiwan.