Taiwanese chabuduo mentality in the bike shop

hi all,

this is a short rant about “chabuduo” mentality in the bike shop.

so i bought a giant roam 2 bike from the bikeshop in beitou.

it is a nice bike and has a good feel.

but right out of the shop front wheel seemed to not be fixed properly.
so after checking myself i found that the bolt was not tight enough and the wheel could probably jumped out of the socket on a bump or so
→ chabuduo

next was, that the shifting cable was “split” and would stay fixed on the back derailleur.
shop got me a new cable and it is working now.
→ chabuduo

the bike has still two issues:

  1. going down the gears eg. from 6->5 or 5->4 it won’t shift down, i have to go down 2 gears and one up. bike shop spent 30 minutes trying to fix it and said it was fixed now.
    → chabuduo
    i didn’t have much time that day to discuss this any further, but of course it is still happening all the time and i will go back to the shop.

  2. when pedaling i hear some clanking noise inside/near the bottom bracket.
    shop owner says this is normal
    → chabuduo
    This gets on my nerves and I will also go back to the shop about this


The US-made Trek bike I got in middle school from a locally-owned bike shop in the US did that too. I think that’s just chabuduoism with regards to bikes being put together generally…

That’s an indexing problem. Try turning the barrel adjuster clockwise one click, check if it’s fixed. If not, repeat until it’s fixed. Check also shifting upwards so you make sure you’re not fixing a problem by creating another.


Youtube is your friend.


thanks, i will try that.

the strange thing is, shifting down works on the high and low gears, but not in the middle two (5+6) gears.

Park Tool has an amazing video on YouTube about how to adjust a rear derailleur. Just in case, watch it before touching anything.




Time to find a new shop or mechanic.

Even if it is the shop’s responsibility to fix a bike they sold, don’t rely on them. Find a mechanic that actually cares and pay for a service that fixes the issue.

Good mechanics exist in Taipei. Just have to take some time to find.


Common problem that is difficult to put right, I’d suggest release cable from derailleur start again using advice from YouTube as suggested.

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Thanks for all the advice.
I will try again with the shop and also try adjusting it myself.

If it’s a Giant you can also take it to any giant service center and get free inspection and adjustments for the life of the bike.


For no2, ask to check bottom bracket, I bought a new Giant and found that the bearing was busted. Replcaed immediately for free.

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Can’t agree more. Instead of wasting time on the same shop, maybe next shop will be a better choice.

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I always recommend anyone that gets a service from my shop to do a test ride and make sure they are 100% happy before leaving. I also recommend a complimentary tune up within 30 days as shifting and other items on bicycles tend to loosen up after a few hard rides. I hope you were able to fix everything!

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Giant shops give free service on Giant bikes. The bikes get registered I think? When the service expires (probably after a year?) or if something just wore out and needs to be replaced they will let you know.