Taiwanese/Chinese Audio books


does anybody know if there are audio books available in Taiwan? For me, reading Chinese is too exhausting, so I would like to have somebody read the novels for me :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I somehow doubt they are available… still, it would be nice. Does anybody have some information about this topic?


I searched “有聲書” on books.com just now. Got about 1500 hits in the books category.

A quick solution for reading out articles on websites:

For short articles, what I used to do was to install a popular Chinese Input software called 自然輸入法 (Natural Chinese Input) extended language version with Text-to-Speech software included.
The extended language version is intended for people with disabilities or Chinese language learners.
Link: http://www.iq-t.com/en/PRODUCTS/going_01.asp

To read aloud the online Chinese article, just do the following.

  1. Install the software, and set up your preferences with Text to Speech functionality on.
  2. You select the text on the website/document that you want to be read aloud and click the speak icon.
    NB. There are few errors in pronunciation since Mandarin is a tonal language.

ps. I don’t work for the software company in case anyone was wondering. :bow:
pps. The software only works on Windows OS.

Hello, everyone!

It’s been over 10 years since this thread began, but I thought I’d try again.

Where can I buy audiobooks in Chinese?

My local public library (in the States) has some books in Chinese, but I’d struggle to read them without audio to go along with them.

The mainland app ximalaya has a huge collection of audio books. Some free some require purchase/subscription

If you don’t want to support China directly, LingQ has all sorts of audio to accompany text. But I stopped using it after a few weeks because it didn’t work as well as I thought it should for the price (might have improved since then)

LingQ has a great range of content, including heaps of advanced material (audiobook novels, podcasts etc), in languages like Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German. Unfortunately, the Chinese material is 1. Available only in simplified and 2. Very limited in comparison to other languages. While the mini stories in Chinese might be excellent for a relative beginner learning simplified characters, I would not recommend LingQ for more advanced learners of Chinese (But would recommend it for many other languages.)

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Yeah I forgot why I stopped using it. I thought it did have traditional characters but maybe not. I just remember feeling like I was wasting my money on it for Chinese, when I was basically throwing everything into Pleco and using that reader anyway. The audio files were nice though

There’s a Beta traditional characters version but almost no content in it. In the simplified version you can only choose to have traditional characters appear above the simplified ones like Japanese furigana.

The Pleco reader is a wonderful tool for advanced learners and even for native speakers reading, for instance, texts in classical Chinese: it’s so convenient to paste interesting text and then call up definitions from specialist dictionaries at the click of a button.

However for somewhat less advanced students I feel that text accompanied by audio is the high road of language learning. It’s just a shame that there seems to be a bit of a dearth of that in Chinese

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You Really Got Me wondering about this also.

I’m having little luck finding books/western books in Chinese audiobook format.

Taipei public library only has 12 audio books in Chinese language and they are way off.

If you’re after audio books read by Taiwanese narrators, you could try 有聲書 section of this online bookstore:

There even seems to be a book or two narrated in Taiwanese, which is pretty cool :slight_smile: