Taiwanese citizens 2nd passports as %?

anybody got a ballpark figure on what percentage of taiwanese citizens have a second (other than taiwan) passport?

lee tung hui’s wife has a US one, right?
ovid tseng has a US one.

so much for the elite. any numbers for working class taiwanese?

Actually my parents do (US) and they still live in Taiwan, we’re not considered elite (my dad is just a doctor). There’re many more Taiwanese in Taiwan that have either Canadian/Australian/NZ citizenship than US for the fact that it’s easier and quicker to obtain these nationalities.

a lot of dual-citizens are just former students who went abroad for highschool, university, or higher degrees(usually in the sciences…engineering, medicine etc). a lot of them do eventually come back to taiwan to pursue careers in all sectors. in particular medicine/dentistry/public health.

i wouldn’t call them ‘elite’ as they are definitely not dining on gold-rimmed china every night…perhaps elite in the sense that they put in more time at school to pursue higher levels of learning than normal people

I think that’s elite.

My guess for people actually living in Taiwan? 1% maybe?