Taiwanese citizenship - Flying abroad

Hello everybody,

I am going to apply for obtaining Taiwanese citizenship in April. Law says that I have to stay in Taiwan a year after applying. However, I have to do short business trips 3-4 times a year.
How can I go abroad if I give up my nationality and still don’t have Taiwanese citizenship? Do Taiwan give me a temporary passport for that? Thanks

Short answer: you will be able to get Taiwan Passport

Leaving Taiwan will prolong the time until you get your HHR and Taiwan ID card

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Thank you. Do they give the passport right after application if I apply for passport??

You will need to apply for the visa in many cases. However… if a visa waiver is the norm for those with an ID card it will likely be approved as you have a TARC and can explain on the application.

Also most countries like the Philippines or Vietnam that offer evisa the process is no different with than the full Taiwan passport.

Thank you :pray: got it

isn’t there a new law that doesn’t require you to stay for 1 year?

There is no such law.

Being in Taiwan for 1 year without leaving is just the fastest way to obtain household registration which is optional.

Nothing is stopping you.

You obtain citizenship before you give up your original nationality. You can travel on your Taiwanese/ROC passport

This is for people who inherit Taiwanese citizenship from their parents (and maybe some other relatives but I’m not sure of the details)


No such law and never has been. Just some people on FB groups and this forum were spreading false information that you were not allowed to leave Taiwan. Complete bollocks.

For getting HHR you need to be in Taiwan for 335 days in the first 12 months of having your TARC and NWOHR passport. If you are traveling and spend less than 335 days then it takes two years to get HHR and ID Card as long as you spend 270 days a year in Taiwan.

There is no such law that you cannot travel when you naturalize. Also some people naturalize and get their TARC and NWOHR passport outside of Taiwan.

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This is only period of stay same as naturalized to get HHR. They can travel but need 335 days to get HHR and ID if traveling in first 12 months. Also under new law if a parent had HHR when the child was born they no longer need the TARC for 12 months they can come to Taiwan and get HHR and ID immediately no requirement to live here 12 months first.

So my son could come to Taiwan get his HHR and ID card very quickly but his children need a TARC and one year stay as my son did not have HHR and ID when his children were born.


Why do people keep thinking this???

There was never any such law

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It has been repeated on this forum and on fb pages by people who think so.

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wait I’m confused, so only people who can get HHR and ID without needing to stay for 1 year is for people who have a parent that has HHR and ID?

My father has HHR and ID.
I have TARC and NWOHR passport.
I am already 34.

So under the new law, I do not need to stay for a year to get HHR and ID?

Yes by people who have never become a Taiwanese themselves

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  • 335 days in 1 year
  • 335 days consecutive
  • 270 days each year for 2 years
  • 183 days each year for 5 years

If you are 34 (assuming you are a male) I’d go off the third option

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I am confused on how he did this without needing to stay :sweat_smile:

I’ve been renewing my TARC since 2012 to avoid military conscription. But I’m not sure if I can stay for 1 whole year in Taiwan after I’m 36 just to get my HHR and ID. because I have a business outside Taiwan.

If I can automatically get HHR and ID after I’m 36, without needing to stay for 1 year. That would be great :sweat_smile:

If your parents had HHR before your birth then you get it without the residency requirement. :slight_smile:


Yes you can under new law get it without living here 1 year first as long as one parent had HHR when you were born.


Wow that’s great news. Just need to wait 2 more years to avoid conscription. :sweat_smile: Then apply for HHR and ID.

Can my mom also get HHR and ID? My mom has NWOHR passport too. But doesn’t have ID. She had a TARC before but did not renew because of the pandemic. And the immigration told us she should start from scratch to get a new TARC.

Only I got to renew my TARC last time. She also doesn’t want to stay for a whole year in taiwan. That’s why she doesn’t have HHR and ID. :sweat_smile:

Only my dad and sister have HHR and ID.