Taiwanese Defend Yourself!

[QUOTE] [I’m with Monkey. In the west, we look for sincerity in our relationships with others. If you studied Latin, you’ll know that sincere means “without wax”, which was often used to hide defects in sculpture and statuaries. To be sincere meant (and means) that you let others see the real you, even if it means that imperfections of yours are revealed. This kind of full disclosure builds trust. The whole idea of face on the other hand seems to me to be a kind of dishonesty - for the most part a trifling dishonesty to be sure, but still dishonesty. /QUOTE]

The above view, or similar, (Thanks Maoman for the quote) is held by so many foreigners here in Taiwan.
Instead of us foreigners speculating all the time, i would like to hear a positive “spin” on the issue of face and other elements of your culture.

So why not discuss this on the original thread? Warren, please go to bed, put a pillow over your head, and just keep telling yourself over and over again what a wonderful world you live in.

Monkey by answering a discussion thread with petty, juvenile, smart-ar#e remarks rather than reasoned argument,you display exactly the qualities you so forcefully seem to be against!

If you not interested in the topic, then you know the adult thing to do; if you don’t know normal adult behavior, go ask a Taiwanese friend!

I think the point I was making (albeit a little sarcastically), was that there was already a discussion on the face issue. The fact that you stated that you’re only prepared to view posts that conform to your own ideology is why i suspect nobody has bothered to reply.

Is Dan Bloom raising an army?

ABCguy24 knocked out all my teeth, but when I cast them to the earth, Dan Bloom skeletons began to sprout from the soil. We may be crazy, but its the Golden Fleas we seek!

I agree with Monkey. Not about the face thing necessarily, but about keeping the post in the same thread and how you are just trying to manipulate the conversation.

Sorry for starting a new post - If you non-sarcastically point out my error i am happy to put it right.

Perhaps i should have wrote “most foreigners, including me, think…”

As i also am not particularly impressed by face, i wanted to get some Taiwanese to defend it so that a debate could be started, and we could all gain some understanding - even if it is just know how to counter effectively.

I am not seeking defense of my opinion, but more a form of devil’s advocacy.

Anyway, was in fact just trying for another perspective.

Excuse my ignorance: who is Dan Bloom?

Actually, I would dearly like to see Taiwanese posting here too, as it would serve to round out discussions and hopefully generate more interesting and diverse threads.
I don’t like accusations such as that of ABC24’s that suggest this site is populated by a tiny bunch of foreigners back-slapping one another after cracking racist jokes.
Take it easy people, and don’t take stuff too personally – life is way too short for that.