Taiwanese Films and Movies

What’s everyone’s favorite Taiwanese film?
For me it’s “a brighter summer day”


The best.
All of his work after that was too tainted by his profligate Nipponese ass-kissing, but this one never fails to charm and amuse.



I fear he may not get the jokes if he’s not been on the island long enough.

I like Kano

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Is this that one where they have a big concert in kentting?

I haven’t been here that long. Should I skip it?

I’ll check out Kano tonight.

Yeah, see above " profligate Nipponese ass-kissing"

What joke???

Yeah, it’s just sooo endearingly (south) Taiwanese.


gotta be Yi Yi for me

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Yeah, that’s deffo a keeper :+1:

ETA: Jeeziss, can I possibly write a reply that doesn’t start with “Yeah”???
Apparently not


I think that’s another Edward Yang film. One of the only ones I haven’t seen. I could be wrong tho.

Need to watch it now.

I think you might not get the Taiwanese culture jokes like moving the ad billboard slowly close and closer everyday.

Kano is pretty fun.

It is, it’s his last one.

Explain it.

Eat Drink Man Woman.


David Loman is my fave.

I like this one a lot, too.

And Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!

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I don’t get all the jokes myself.

Not really a fan of that one. It was pretty, but the chemistry between the two leads was awful. My favorite Ang Lee movie has to be Brokeback Mountain.

Ah I love Brokeback but since it’s technically not Taiwanese so much as it is directed by a Taiwanese man I didn’t mention it.

I just really like wuxia style movies. Always entertaining.