Taiwanese Gov't Office info request

Not sure if this request should be posted here or in " Business & Money."
Mods - your decision is always appreciated.

Can anyone provide me with the name and contact info for the appropriate Taiwanese Gov’t office/person who I would contact for the import approval of health/nutritional products for sale/distribution to the Taiwan market.
This is not for the MLM/Network venues.

Any Q’s or feedback is much appreciated.
Either here or PM as you may prefer.

Thanks for any help.


Please refer to this page for the Department of Health’s REGULATIONS ON REGISTRATION OF SPECIAL DIETARY FOODS and information regarding applications for such foods.

Hope that helps.

TM -
Thanks, its a start. I have been getting the runaround for several months. Endless referrals to “somebody else who should be able to handle this for you.”

Did you try contacting the folks over at the Ministry of Economic Affairs? They’re the ones with the business rules and regulations. They can be a pain but they ought to be the right folks.